KOHLER San Souci Toilet Review

KOHLER San Souci Toilet Review

The KOHLER San Souci Toilet provides more legroom for your limited space bathroom. This toilet saves you thousands of gallons of water every year with its low water consumption flushing system.

Though, it uses minimal water it delivers powerful flush every time for total clog free toilet.  Moreover, its modern and elegant design it perfectly blends in any bathroom motif.

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Ideal For Small Space

The KOHLER San Souci Toilet is ideal for small space bathroom. Why? Because it provides more features that make it the smallest toilet you can get on the market.

It comes in a low profile design thus making it smaller in its appearance. In addition to that is its round front bowl that cuts its extra length to trim it further.

Powerful Flush

The KOHLER San Souci Toilet features a powerful flush that makes it almost impossible to clog. It comes with AquaPiston flush engine that removes maximum bulk of waste in just a single flush.

The AquaPiston canister moves the water in 360-degrees motion to create a smooth and consistent water flow to the bowl that results in a powerful flushing performance.

Leak Free

The KOHLER San Souci Toilet does not use the traditional rubber flapper like most of the toilets out there.


The unique canister design and seal eliminates leakage problems that commonly associated with traditional rubber flappers.

The canister is design for ultimate durability which is 90-percent less exposed to seal materials compare to a regular 3-inch flapper that resulting in a leak free performance.

Water Efficient

The toilet is said to be water efficient if it uses small amount of water that flushes maximum bulk of waste. The KOHLER San Souci Toilet is designed for excellent water efficiency that uses only 1.2GPF (Gallons Per Flush) of water.

This is 20-percent less water consumption compare to other standard 1.6GPF toilet. In fact, it is qualified WaterSense that meets the strict EPA performance guidelines.

Elegant Design

If the looks could be a deciding factor in choosing your best toilet for your bathroom, you’ll surely love the KOHLER San Souci Toilet. It comes with sleek curves and low profile shape delivers powerful design statement. A combination of compact tank seamless and round front bowl provides more space for your bathroom.

Super Easy To Clean

If you truly value your time the KOHLER San Souci Toilet is super easy to clean for fast and less frequent cleaning. This makes it possible with its smooth and streamlined design that has fewer spaces where germs and dirt can hide.

In addition to that the KOHLER San Souci Toilet is a one-piece toilet that integrates the tank and bowl into a single flawless design.

Toilet Seat Included

The KOHLER San Souci Toilet includes the toilet seat in the package so that you don’t need to buy it separately.

What is in it?

It features an innovative technology with Grip tight Quiet Close lid seat that removes those annoying slams. It prevents the injury and it doesn’t disturb anyone those sleeping late night.

It provides a quick attach hardware and quick release hinges for super easy installation and remove. For sleek aesthetic and conceals seat a grip tight rubber bumpers and overhanging lid are included.

Customers’ Review

The statement below are feedback from customers who already bought and use it in real world applications.

Customer says that this toilet’s performance is amazing with powerful flush.

It flushes all the time that doesn’t fail even once. It provides an excellent water efficiency.

Though, it packs with tremendous power it flushes quietly. The included seat is very nice.

It perfectly fit in a small bathroom says one of the reviewer. This toilet looks cute and their kids were also impressed.

The shipping was fast and within the time frame. The unit is well packed and placed on a pallet with no damage.

Installation is so easy. For this toilet the money you spend is really worth it. >>Click Here to read more customers’ reviews.

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The KOHLER San Souci Toilet delivers great performance that satisfies customers’ expectation. From its looks and built is just perfect for any modern bathroom theme. If you have limited space it leaves more legroom to your bathroom.

Its excellent water efficiency helps you to cut your monthly water bill. Its flushing power is awesome that removes everything on the bowl thus leaving it spots free. Its canister valve gives you advantage of being leak free and low maintenance.

It saves you time from cleaning while installing it is super easy. The inclusion of the toilet seat is saves you from buying it separately. It packs with features and the price it offers is very much affordable. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!