Toto Eco UltraMax Toilet Review

Toto Eco UltraMax Toilet Review

The Toto Eco UltraMax Toilet features the most powerful E-max flushing system that completely removes huge amount of waste that never requires a second flush.

The Toto Eco UltraMax Toilet helps you save on your monthly water bills as it uses less water in every flush. Considering its powerful flushing system it never sacrifices its performance using small amount of water.

This is the reason why it is consider as High Efficient Toilet and a WaterSense compliance that helps our environment.

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Powerful Flushing System

The Toto Eco UltraMax Toilet features one of the most powerful flushing systems ever developed by Toto. They called it the “E-Max flushing system”.

How it works?

The E-Max flushing system is designed with a large flush valve with a 3-inch dimension giving it a 125-percent larger than traditional 2-inch flush valves.

This results in a super fast flush action. The water on the tank will rush on the bowl due to its larger flush valve that provides a consistent and powerful flush.

Larger Trapway

In addition to that is the large trapway with 2-1/8 inch diameter that optimized the waste passage. A larger trapway resulting in an almost impossible to clog. The trapway features a fully glaze passage so that it repels the dirt from sticking on it.

Extra Large Siphon Jet

The large glazed trapway works in conjunction with the extra large siphon jet. Having an extra large siphon jet pulls away the waste with unbelievable force that leaves nothing inside the bowl.

Water Saver

The Toto Eco UltraMax Toilet is an excellent water saver. This unit is a highly efficient toilet that saves you thousands of gallons of water every year. With its low water consumption it uses only 1.28 GPF (Gallons Per Flush) as opposed to your old clogging toilet that consumes 3.5 GPF.

With its advanced flushing system it is certified WaterSense toilet that saves you 20-percent more water compare to other 1.6GPF toilets out there.

Flushes Quietly

Hate the flushing noise?

Considering its powerful flushing system, the Toto Eco UltraMax Toilet surprisingly flushes quietly. The E-Max is a simple and quiet solution for totally effective flushing. Its pilot activated fill valve provides a quick fill while ensures a quiet operation and a clean shutoff at any water pressure.

SanaGloss Surface

The Toto Eco UltraMax Toilet features a SanaGloss finished surface that greatly adds to its elegant, smooth and glossy looks.

What does it mean to you?

The super smooth SanaGloss glaze prevents debris, molds and bacteria from sticking to its porous ceramic surface. It has an ionized barrier that creates the super smooth surface causes to prevent particles from sticking to its ceramic. At the same time, the catalyzed ion barrier repels the particles away.

Healthy Family

This makes your family healthy thus preventing them from exposing to harmful bacteria that causes disease.

Stays Clean

The SanaGloss surface keeps the toilet cleaner for longer period of time. This means less frequent cleaning is required that saves you time. Another thing is that, fewer chemicals are present so that it stays in good shape for many years to come.

SoftClose Seat Included

The Toto Eco UltraMax Toilet includes a SoftClose seat which is hardly find in any toilet. This prevents you from throwing extra money from buying it separately. Moreover, the SoftClose seat brings more advantage such as,

Comfortable Design

The Toto’s SoftClose seat is the latest in innovative smart seat technology that provides total comfort design. It perfectly contoured to your body shape that makes your sitting enjoyable.


Its molded bumpers and High Gloss Polypropylene is an excellent hardened plastic for added durability.  This high impact plastic is presented in solid construction and highly resistant to chemicals and cleaning agent that stays in top form for longer period of time.


This unique seat is precisely designed to reduce injury and eliminates those annoying toilet seat slam sound. This makes it possible with its built-in softclose hinge system that gently lowers the seat down and quietly as well.

Easy Installation

The Toto Eco UltraMax Toilet comes in an easy installation procedure. It is presented in a standard 12-inch rough-in so that replacing your old toilet will be simple. A top tightening bolts guarantees an easy installation. The seats are precision designed that fits on both regular and elongated bowls.

What’s Inside The box?

Whenever you buy the Toto Eco UltraMax Toilet you also get the tank cover, fittings, chrome plated trip lever and the SoftClose seat.

Customers’ Review

The following reviews are written by customers who actually bought and use it in real world.

Shipping And Packaging

The toilet arrived earlier than the targeted date in pristine condition.

I got this through Amazon and arrived at the right date. They are friendly and callback to check if we received the package.


It works amazingly after we test it and ordered another three of them.


My old toilet requires me to regularly to put on Clorox and other harsh chemicals. This toilet only brush is all I need to clean the bowl and I’m done.


The Sanagloss feature keeps this toilet clean no need to clean it regularly.

Water Saving

It powerfully flushes the thing with only 1.28 GPF

Overall Performance

The toilet is not noisy yet flushes strong. The Sanagloss feature makes it super easy for me to clean and the soft closing seat is nice. This toilet is the best! >>Click Here to read more customers’ review.


The Toto Eco UltraMax Toilet delivers an outstanding performance as it is proven by customers who already using it. It packs with so many features that make your life comfortable and worry free. Its powerful E-Max flushing system secures a total clog free toilet.

It uses small amount of water to cut your monthly water bill without sacrificing its flushing performance. If you want a peaceful sleeping at night, it comes quiet flushing and valve filling.

It delivers more on the table with its SanaGloss feature such as glossy looks, less frequent cleaning, stays clean all the time and a healthy family. The inclusion of the SoftClose seat saves you money and brings comfort to anyone who sits in there.

With so much goodness you can have in it surprisingly, the price it offers is very much affordable. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!