WOODBRIDGE T-0031 Small Toilet: Perfect For Limited Space

WOODBRIDGE T-0031 Small Toilet: Perfect For Limited Space

The WOODBRIDGE T-0031 Small Toilet is perfect for bathrooms with limited space. With its only 24.3-inch long dimension it fits in any corner of your bathroom that leaves you with more room. With its luxurious modern design, it will look your bathroom classy and elegant.

Cleaning in tight space would be difficult right? Not with the WOODBRIDGE T-0031 Small Toilet due to its skirted trapway design. While being a one-piece toilet cleaning it makes it super easy for you.

Though, it is small its flushing system is so powerful and pulls down anything you throw on it. With so much goodness you can get with this small toilet the price it offers is too low to pass on.

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Physical Dimension And Installation

This small toilet comes in luxurious modern design, spotless and sleek looking that will perfectly compliment any bathroom motif. It is built with quality materials for longevity and excellent functionality.

The WOODBRIDGE T-0031 is ideal for bathrooms with small spaces. With its physical dimension of 24.3-inch long X 14.5-inch wide X 27.8-inch height it fits well in limited spaces.

Installing the WOODBRIDGE T-0031 made it simple for you. It includes a professional instruction manual that will guide you through the process with step by step procedures.

The package also includes a special hand wrench tool for you to easily tighten the bolts even at constricted spaces. This toilet is design with a standard 12-inch rough in for easy upgrade and replacement of your old toilets.


I guess you will agree with me that cleaning in tight spaces is tough, right? Not anymore with the WOODBRIDGE T-0031 Small Toilet.

This toilet features a skirted trapway to hide those uneven corners and grooves. These sleek design makes it easier for you to reach for fast and effortless cleaning. Being a one-piece toilet, it removes the connection between the tank and bowl that greatly adds to its simpler design and cleaning as well.

Flushing System

Though, the WOODBRIDGE T-0031 comes in a small size it is packed with powerful flushing system. This makes it possible with its siphon flushing design that removes everything on the bowl in just a single flush.

This in includes its fully glaze trapway that leaves the bowl spotless and less frequent cleaning is required. This results to the company’s claim of being no clogs, no leaks and no problem at all.

If you hate the noise when flushing you surely glad to know that this small toilet flushes quietly. This is great if you don’t want disturb anyone at night whenever you flush this toilet.

This toilet features a dual flushing system. This will help you save thousands of gallons of water every year. This will surely cut your monthly water bill thus saving you money.

With a single flushing toilet, you always use its maximum water consumption while a dual flushing system gives you choices. For light flushes it uses only 1 gallon per flush (GPF) while its full flush consumes 1.6 GPF.


The toilet comes in a comfort height design which is comparable your regular chair. This makes it easier for you to sit down and stand up. It is helpful for persons with disability and elderly.

The package includes a high quality toilet seat. It comes with a soft closing lid and seat to avoids injury and those annoying slam sound. It features a stainless steel hinge for long life. It is also simple to remove and tighten for easy cleaning.

Warranty And what’s Included

The company is giving a 5-year warranty on porcelain parts against fading and staining of the glaze. This includes a 1-year on its flushing mechanism and soft closing seat.

When you buy the WOODBRIDGE T-0031 Small Toilet the package includes the soft closing seat, high quality wax ring, water fitting, floor bolts, installation manual and a special hand wrench tool for tightening the floor bolts in tight spaces.

Customers’ Review

The WOODBRIDGE T-0031 Small Toilet Review receives an outstanding appraisal at Amazon with 4.4 out of 5 stars at the time I was writing this article. Most of the reviewers are highly recommended this toilet due to its great performance.

One reviewer says that it is easy to install and cleaning the toilet is a breeze. It is a nice looking and modern.

Another customer says that it flushes well and ended up ordering another four more of them for his upstairs bedrooms.

The toilet’s performance is amazing with quiet closing seat. His kids install their own toilet with minimal supervision in a very short time. The flush is super quiet.

One customer says that she’s very grateful with this toilet. No area is hard to clean and super smooth sides. The dual flush works very well and not noisy. Delivery was fast in just a week and not a month while everything you need is provided.

A high quality toilet, very nice and a good value for the money.

The complains:

One customer says that, he cannot tighten the seat. Another thing is that, when the seat cover is up it blocks the flush though it is not huge problem.

Another says that, it’s hard to contact the seller because they don’t have a website.


The WOODBRIDGE T-0031 Small Toilet shows great performance as it is already proven by customers who owns it.

This toilet is a perfect solution if you’re having problem with your bathroom space. Its modern and elegant design compliments whatever motif you may want to your bathroom.

Installation is breeze that even a young kid can finish the job. With the help of simple to follow installation manual together with the tools provided you’re good to go.

Cleaning this one-piece toilet is super easy with its skirted trapway design, smooth and no uneven corners. The high end soft closing seat is already provided so that you don’t need to buy it separately.

The siphon flushing system is so powerful that removes everything on the bowl without clogging. The dual flush feature saves you with gallons of water and money as well.

The chair height gives you comfort when sitting and standing while elderly persons gets the full benefits of it. With of its advantages this small one-piece toilet is available at a very low price which is definitely a valuable to own. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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