White And Green Porcelain Toilet Review

White And Green Porcelain Toilet Review

Having an elegant vintage charm toilet doesn’t mean you need to spend too much in it. This is what the White And Green Porcelain Dual Flush Toilet has to offer.

At a very low price you got a stylish white porcelain toilet in an exclusive green China India design into your bathroom.

This toilet is not only about the looks but it also equipped with very powerful flushing system. It can save you thousands of gallons of water every year due to its dual flushing capability.

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What is in it?

You will surely enjoy the charm of the White And Green Porcelain Dual Flush Toilet that brings out the looks of your bathroom.

It comes with an exclusive green glitzy border around the toilet bowl, base and tank for added classic looks. They also offer the Pantone color match for those who need to match existing fixtures.

Water Saver

The White And Green Porcelain Toilet saves you water and money as well. It can save you up to 25,000 gallons of water every year with its push button dual-flush mechanism. It consumes 1.6 GPF (Gallon Per Flush) of water for heavy flushes while only 0.8 GPF for light flushes.

Dual Flush Advantage

Dual-flush toilet provides you with freedom to choose between heavy and light flushes as opposed to single flush only. For heavy poof you can use the heavy flush while for urine you can choose the light flush.

Single flush toilets always uses maximum amount of water every flush that doesn’t gives you a chance to save while dual-flush like the White And Green Porcelain Toilet saves you water further.

Durable Materials

The White And Green Porcelain Toilet is consists of top quality material that will stay in good shape for many years to come. It is crafted with tough porcelain antique finish in a very stylish white color appearance.

Scratch And Stain Proof

The White And Green Porcelain Toilet is a scratch and stain proof that prevents the dirt from sticking on it while it maintains its glossy appearance for lifetime. This makes it possible with its Reno-Gloss feature that resulting in a scratch free and stain resistance.

Another great benefit of the Reno-Gloss finish is that, it requires less frequent cleaning to save you further water and a lesser amount of harmful chemical substance is applied which is present in every cleaning solution.

Toilet Seat Included

Whenever you buy the White And Green Porcelain Dual Flush Toilet the plastic seat is already included in the package. The elongated seat is perfectly matched to the toilet with built-in No-slam mechanism.

The No-Slam mechanism promotes safety to everyone that prevents injury which is ideal if you have children at home. It totally removes those annoying slam sounds so that it doesn’t disturb anyone especially during late night.

Easy Installation

The White And Green Porcelain Toilet comes with easy installation guide with the standard 12-inch rough-in. If you’re planning to upgrade your vintage toilet at home, replacing it with this toilet is simple.

Customers’ Review

The statement below is based on the customers’ feedback with their personal experience of this toilet.

One customer says that the flushing system of this toilet is fantastic. It looks beautiful and gorgeous. The dual flush option is cuts your water usage.

The customer service is very helpful and responds quickly. The packaging is excellent and the unit arrived without any scratch. It comes with a perfect height and color as well.

The unit is super easy to install. However, they do not include the hardware the for the toilets’ base connection and the nut cover. This the best toilet he owned says one of the reviewer and he love his new throne. >>Click Here to read more customer’s review.


The White And Green Porcelain Toilet is undeniably a great product as it is proven by customers who actually using it. If you’re planning to replace your old clogging toilet this is definitely a good choice. Considering its good flushing power customers doesn’t have any problems with clogs anymore.

Take the advantage of its dual flush system that saves you thousands of gallons of water every year while saving you money as well.

If the looks would be the primary concern for your modern bathroom design, you surely love the White And Green Porcelain Toilet with its charm and elegant appearance.

It comes with highly durable materials which is very dependable and valuable for many years to come.

If you truly value your time the Reno-Gloss feature requires you with less frequent cleaning while it stays clean all the time. Installation is dead simple so that anyone can finish the job even without plumbing experience.

With so much goodness in it, the price it offers is very affordable making it too hard to pass on. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!