TOTO Drake CST744S Toilet Review, TOTO Toilet Reviews,TOTO Drake Toilet, best flushing toilet Looking for best flushing toilet? You should read first the TOTO Drake CST744S Toilet Review before you buy. If you’re always having problems with your toilet the TOTO Drake CST744S Toilet will surely ends your clogging problems. With its powerful G-Max flushing system it removes even the largest waste in just a single flush.

“After researching the Toto Drake 2-piece toilet on Amazon we bought one locally, but I want to tell you how great it is. As other customers have said, the flush is wonderfully complete. But to me the best feature is how clean the bowl stays. Whatever the inside surface is made of, almost nothing sticks to it. I am very pleased and highly recommend the Drake.” By E. Hansardon September 25, 2016

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Powerful Flushing System

The TOTO Drake CST744S Toilet features an extremely powerful flushing system. Toto called it the G-Max flushing system that removes huge amount of waste without double flushing. This makes it possible with its oversize 3-inch flush valve that provides 125-percent larger than other conventional 2-inch flush valve.

As a result, every time you flush it the water from the tank will rush on the bowl that creates a powerful push to remove everything on the bowl. This is a commercial grade flushing performance that makes it ideal to any public and hotel restroom.

In addition to that is the computer designed fully glazed trapway. It has a wider diameter with 2-1/8 inch that secures a clog free toilet. The fully glazed trapway feature prevents the waste from sticking so that it leaves the bowl spotless clean.

Water Saver

The TOTO Drake CST744S Toilet can save you thousands of gallons of water every year. This will surely cuts your monthly water bill. It consume only 1.6GPF (Gallon Per Flush) compare to other vintage toilet that uses 3 to 6GPF. If you’re still using the old toilet, imagine how much water you are wasting and yet still clogging.

“I’ve had one of these for years. I just ordered another to replace an old one in another bathroom.
I always hated low-volume toilets before I got the Drake, but it works much better than my old high-volume unit. It’s fast, quiet, and never clogs. And it’s performed flawlessly for five years so far.
Get the Drake. You won’t be sorry.”

Total Comfort

The TOTO Drake CST744S Toilet comes in a high profile design to provide comfort to anyone who sits in there. This contemporary toilet is equivalent to a chair height so that standing and sitting there makes it easy. This is ideal for elderly and persons with knee problems.

SanaGloss Surface

The TOTO Drake CST744S Toilet comes in SanaGloss facade with super smooth surface. This prevents the bacteria, mildew and other germs from sticking into it to keep your family safe from any harm. With SanaGloss surface it reduces your cleaning time that repels the dirt from it while it looks shiny and always new.

Quiet Flushing

Though, the power of TOTO Drake CST744S Toilet is unmatched you’ll be surprised how quiet it is every time you flush it. You’ll be happy that it doesn’t disturb you if someone flushes it late at night.

What’s In The Box?

When you buy the TOTO Drake CST744S Toilet you’ll get the component of it, the toilet bowl and tank. It also includes the chrome plated trip lever, flush valve, fill valve and the flapper. All of them are locally available for easy replacement. Consumer should be aware the fact that the toilet seat is not included in the package and sold separately. However, you can get a good one at a very low price.

TOTO Drake CST744S Toilet Review

The TOTO Drake CST744S Toilet Review receives an outstanding appraisal of 4.4/5 stars that proves it great performance. The following reviews are written by customers who already bought and use it in real world.

Flushing Power

The majority of the time, we just use the “quick flush” instead of the “full flush option”, even when pushing out a deuce, and … WAM! Everything disappears faster than we would really believe. I have to admit that I have flushed it a few times just for the fun of it. I’m super impressed by the speed and force of the flush.

The Toto Drake doesn’t require holding the handle down for a few seconds. It has a powerful “G-Max” flushing system that only requires a quick push of the handle to activate.

This was nearly five years ago and I have almost a half a decade of experience behind this review. I have never had to plunge this toilet… EVER! That’s not to say you won’t… You *can* clog it, but under normal usage, you should never expect a clog or double-flush.

These are great toilets. Zero clogs since installing three of them. Not too noisy.


So now I can compare the performance of a Toto Drake to American Standard Cadet 3. My gosh, there is just no comparison. The flush of the Drake is VASTLY more forceful and quick. all the way to the sewer main. Sweet!

Absolutely awesome. Easy to install (be sure to purchase a wax ring, this is not included) and delivers as promised. Previous toilet was weak, to say the least. This TOTO delivers an efficient and powerful flush. We are very pleased with this product.

Now we have 4 months straight without touching the plunger once. The water bills are lower too and that’s always nice.


Easy installation, took me 1/2 hour, after unpacking. Don’t forget to buy a wax ring

Flush Noise

Our family loves the toilet. It is relatively quieter than our previous toilet and uses less water.

Quiet and efficient…bought it on sale, great price.


Also, the SanaGloss finish works as advertised. Routine cleanings are reduced primarily to the rim and outer sides of the toilet. I don’t have to clean the inside every time I clean the toilet.

The SanaGloss finish reduced their cleanings by half as much. She also strongly suggested purchasing the SoftClose seat, which slowly drops the seat and lid so you don’t experience the 4am SLAM because you let go too soon.

Bottom Line

So if you’re trying to decide which toilet to buy, you have me and my two friends here to tell you, you’re looking at an excellent toilet for the money! If you buy it, throw your own Toto party, eat hearty, and know the next day your happy engorgement won’t result in a double flush! 🙂 >>Click Here to read more customers’ reviews.


The TOTO Drake CST744S Toilet proves its excellent performance as it is proven by customers who use it. It poses the one of the best flushing technology in the form of G-Max so that clogging is never been your problem anymore. It saves you water due to its low water consumption while you don’t need to double flush it even at the biggest waste. Surprisingly, with that kind of power it flushes quietly which is great if you don’t want to be disturb while sleeping at night time. Its high profile design makes you comfort when sitting and standing on the toilet. From feature to performance, it brings more on the table while the price it offer is too low to pass on. >>Click Here to get it at Its Lowest Price!