Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G Review, toto toilets reviews

The Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G is probably the most efficient toilet in the world. It uses only 1GPF (Gallon Per Flush) of water and bulk of waste is gone without the need to double flush.

This is great for those who are looking to save water and maximum flushing power at the same time. The good thing about the Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G is that, it is available at a very affordable price.

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Powerful Flushing System

Toto is well known for years because of its powerful flushing system and the Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G is no different as it brings the latest technology on it. The toilet features a Double Cyclone flushing system with state of the art hole free rim design.

It offers a dual nozzle bowl cleaning system that produces a centrifugal, cyclonic cleaning action. With this kind of stroke it removes the stain on the bowl and creates a forceful push on the waste. The result is the cleanest, most hygienic and the most powerful flushing system you can get from the lowest water consumption toilet.

If you don’t want be disturb especially late at night, the Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G is surprisingly quiet considering its powerful flushing power.

ADA Compliant For Total Comfort

The Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G provides total comfort to anyone who sits in there by adding an extra height. Being an ADA compliant helps the elders and disabled person to sit and stand on the toilet easily without excreting too much pressure on their back and knee. This amazing toilet also qualified for the WaterSense label that provides optimum water efficiency.

Super Smooth

If the looks could be a deciding factor, the Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G earns it. A modern and elegant design captures this toilet, it perfectly compliments any bathroom style and it saves you space due to its slim appearance.

The Super Smooth glazing design is patented by Toto which is engineered to prevent debris, molds and harmful bacteria from sticking on the toilet’s ceramic surface. As a result, it stays clean all the time thus promotes a less frequent cleaning that saves you more time.

Ease Of Installation

If you’re planning to upgrade from your old toilet or setting up a new one, the Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G provides a standard 12-inch rough in design for your ease of installation. The package includes the bowl, tank, fittings and chrome trip lever. However, the toilet seat is not included and bought separately.

The Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G Review In Action

The Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G Review receives an almost perfect rating of 4.9/5 stars at Amazon that proves it amazing performance. The following reviews are statement came from the actual person who owns and use it in real world.

Most customers say that the toilet is so easy to install. Some customer was hesitant at first due to the fact that a 1GPF is too little to do big jobs but, they admittedly mistaken. This toilet is too powerful to get rid those bulk of waste.

The cyclone flush is very impressive that cleans the bowl and the suction is amazing. The extra height is very comfortable says the 70-year old senior customer and he amazed about the 1-gallon flush, it’s all down.

Other customer never thought he would be excited about the glossy porcelain and admiring it when he looks at it. It is more efficient than any dual flush toilet and you can still do a half flush by pulling the handle quickly that makes it a .5GPF.

The only person who give a 4-star rating complains about it’s rarely totally rinses the bowl. >>Click Here to read more customers’ reviews.


The Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G is unbelievably gets rid of maximum bulk of waste in just 1GPF of water and no one says they do a double flush in this toilet. Imagine how many gallons of water you can save every year without drastically cutting your bill. Considering its amazing performance, great features, elegant looks and the price it offers you can never go wrong with it. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!