TOTO Washlet S400 toilet seat Review

TOTO Washlet S400 toilet seat Review
Enjoy the ideal comfortable life with the TOTO Washlet S400 toilet seat.

Just picture a life with totally clean hygiene without using the traditional tissue paper. Which we all know the most uncomfortable way to cleanup.

This will help us to save our environment plus it gives so much enjoyment in you every time a call of nature is needed.

Your guess will be extremely thankful for it each time they pay you a visit.

Top Of The Line

The TOTO washlet S400 toilet seat is the top of the line bidet you can have in the marketplace today.

TOTO is the world’s best when it comes in toilet, with over 90 years of experience dedicated to build the highest quality standard you can have.

As a result, an incredible washlet that can take you to the next level of experience with irresistible features and performance.


Back there in Japan where it was originates, TOTO is the first one to offer a hands free flushing and an automatic open and close lid.

Most individuals are amazed when they come about to witness this kind of technology. Now, they brought them right here in the United States for us to experience similar unmatched comfort they have.


This is not plainly a luxury but a very helpful in many ways for others whom having disability problems, significantly for some elderly at home.

Easy To Install

This washlet is so simple to install, anything is provided when you bought it. A simple to read and fully grasp manual is provided to guide you entirely through the construction process so that every little thing is perfectly setup.

You don’t need to have those plumbing and electrical experience to fully install it. A basic understanding will do the trick. All you need is an AC power outlet nearby to plug it in there.

User Friendly Remote

A user friendly remote control at hand could take you into an automated world. A large LCD is provided to visually see everything on the remote with a simple push of a button.

Works In Full Automation

As you come to the bathroom, an automatic open/close cover is triggered with sensor, or it can be worked on using a simple press of a button on the remote.

As you seat on it, a soothing temperature will definitely makes you feel totally soothing at your personal preferred temperature.

After the poof, there’s a powerful double action spray to make sure it takes out all the dirt-debris.

A self cleanup wand in a cycling motion is included for your thorough cleanup.

It includes a massage as it sprays warm water that will further increases your comfort and cleanliness.

After the cleaning, a warm air dryer with three temperature selector which carries back your dry skin.

An automatic air purifier is included that removes immediately those unpleasant smells with no need of air freshener.

As I mention before, anything in here is at your command, using the remote for your extreme comfort experience.

There’s never yet been before the most comfortable method to clean up yourself with the TOTO washlet S400 toilet seat.


Automatic Open / Close Lid

An automatic open/close lid which is a sensor activated using the remote if you like to, or a touch button operated can be use too. This is handy if there’s someone on the family has a disability problem.

Auto Flush

An auto flush is initiated by sensors or a push of a button is the most convenient way to flush your waste.

Warm Water And Heated Seat

Tender aerated warm water and a heated seat with temperature control provides a very comforting feeling, I assume no one wants a cold water and seat on your butt, significantly during wintertime.

Water Spray

A double action spray with cycling motion and massage features thoroughly cleans you with an extremely soothing feeling.

Heat Control

A changeable water temperatures and volume that can be set according your own preference which brings to your optimal comfort

Air Dryer

A warm air dryer with 3 adjustable temperature settings that brings back your dry skin

Air Purifier

An automated air purifier that removes immediately those unpleasant smells without having the needs of air freshener.

Remote Control With LCD

A user friendly remote control with big LCD screen is very helpful to take control on everything you want.

Soft Close Seat

A SoftClose anti bacterial seat keeps the toilet seat germ free and eliminates those annoying slam sounds, this minimizes the accidents which is notable if you have children at home.

Docking station

A docking station is provided for easy installation and cleaning without sweat.

Base Plate

Reinforce base plate for additional durability, it doesn’t matter if you’re quite heavy this will definitely carry those extra weight.


The TOTO washlet S400 heated seat is the ultimate life experience you can have in cleaning and hygiene.

This is the high end level of all TOTO’s Washlet/bidet series, providing you the extreme comfort you can get. Bundle with so much features you’ll never find anywhere.

If you got the money to spend on it go for it, it’s one of the greatest investments you can have for yourself. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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