Toto Washlet S350e Toilet Seat Review

Toto Washlet S350e Toilet Seat Review

The Toto Washlet S350e Toilet Seat is the latest washlets offering from TOTO. It promises an advanced performance features for your total comfort in self cleaning.

As you already know, TOTO is the first company who introduces the bidet toilet seats since 1980’s back there in Japan that brings unmatched performance for your toilet needs.

Nothing beats a hot seat during winter or early morning, the Toto S350e gives you the soothing feeling while sitting in there.

The TOTO S350e Washlet is a top notch bidet toilet seat aside from the S300e.

Hand Held Remote

With the latest innovation in remote control they manage to stay away from its traditional brick wall control.  They now incorporate a hand held control for your own convenience and modern design as well.

Toto Washlet S350e Toilet Seat Review

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Innovative Remote Control

You can notice here a double sided remote control which is the world’s first in a bidet toilet seat.

It means that it has a buttons and indicators on both sides of the remote. It is comparable to a TV remote control although it’s slight bigger.

It has a physical dimensions of 2.6-inch x 7-inch, the handiness it brings is definitely unmatched.

No need to worry if you refuse to hold it while sitting or when leaving the bathroom.

Why? Because, it provides you with a mounting bracket so that it can be place on the wall.

User Friendly

Although the remote seems to be more advanced, you’ll find it easier to use.

The front buttons are obviously present in bold letters while the positions of each buttons are smartly placed for simple operations.

Additional remote buttons are located on the Bidet itself. This gives you an instant access on the washlet functions.

Toto Washlet S350e Toilet Seat Review

However, the LCD are located at the back of the remote, it is easy to navigate using the arrow buttons.

What I like about this remote are the setup and forget function. Once you’re done with your personal settings it minimizes its usage.

Automated Self Cleaning

The Toto Washlet S350e Toilet Seat features a single nozzle system with many spray pores on the tip of it for superior cleaning. This is  great for feminine wash.

The soft spray feature is for posterior wash while the wide spray is ideal for feminine wash.

The nozzle functions are completely remote controlled with the water pressure can be adjusted within five settings according to your preferences.

Soothing Water

Cold water is very annoying during winter season, right? But not with the Toto Washlet S350e Toilet Seat.

It sprays warm soothing water with five different temperature adjustments from 86 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

This bidet toilet seat features a tankless water heater that will instantly sprays hot water anytime continuously. As opposed to the older model with tank that requires more time to store and heat.

Systematic Cleaning

For thorough cleaning, the Toto Washlet S350e Toilet Seat features an oscillating movement. It extends the nozzle front and back for a wider cleaning area.

This works in tandem with the water pulse feature that pulsates’ water streams.

Automatic Open/Close Lid

The main feature in the Toto Washlet S350e Toilet Seat that lacks the S300e washlet is the automatic close and open lid.

The lid has the capability to sense when someone approaching the toilet and it will automatically open for you.

After leaving the seat, it will automatically close the lid after 90 seconds.

Toto Washlet S350e Toilet Seat Review

Adjustable Seat

Taller person have the options to lift the seat to find their most comfortable position.

How? By simply tapping on the top of the remote that will automatically raise the seat.

As you approach the toilet there’s a night light that lightens your way when the area is filled with darkness. It will automatically turns off as you leave.

Benefits Of eWater

The eWater is probably the main concern in this bidet toilet seat. eWater stands for electrolyzed water which is commonly used in most restaurants to cleansed the kitchen utensils such as knives and forks.

It has the capability to remove bacteria that causes disease so that it will stay clean all the time.

The eWater will pre-mist the toilet bowl before you use it to remove those bacteria and it is easier to flush when misted.

After usage, the eWater will spray on the bowl again and every 8-hours it will automatically mist the bowl.

This promotes less frequent cleaning of the bowl as it stays clean all the time with bacteria free that keeps your family safe.

Air Dryer

After cleansing you need to feel dry isn’t it? The Toto Washlet S350e Air dryer is probably the best out there.

Most bidets blows weak as the air is coming on the side of the nozzle. However, the S350e washlet releases the air from the on the middle part.

As a result, more concentrated air is coming out with the right direction that causes you to dry faster. The air temperature is about 95-degrees to 140-degrees Fahrenheit.

More Features Ahead

It doesn’t stop here as it brings more features. This includes the SoftClose seat that totally removes those annoying slam sounds and reduce injury incident which is great if you have children at home.

A self rinsing nozzle feature that cleanses that stays clean before and after usage.

There’s an automatic air deodorizer that circulates around the bathroom that removes those unwanted odor. This makes it possible through a carbon filter inside the washlet.

This further saves you from buying a deodorizer. Speaking of saving, a programmable energy saving feature in this washlet lets you set the hours during the day to put your bidet on sleep.


The Toto Washlet S350e Toilet Seat is one of the best bidet you can have out there. Pack with features that makes your life easy, it’s not just a luxurious needs but it greatly helps those who have problems back there and seniors.

The Toto Washlet S350e Toilet Seat receives an outstanding review with 4.5/5 stars at Amazon that proves it great performance.

It is available at very reasonable price that brings an excellent value on the table for those who are looking for total comfort at their home. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!