TOTO Washlet S300 Toilet Seat Review

TOTO Washlet S300 Toilet Seat Review

If you’re looking for a complete comfort and clean hygiene to a maximum level, the TOTO Washlet S300 toilet seat is worthy to own.

This is not just a luxuriousness product but it is very helpful if you have flexibility and resilience problems or those who requires help after going to bathroom.

Made from TOTO the industry leader in bathroom Accessories for over 90 years of commitment to its product for precision.

Treat yourself with a gentle warm water and state of the art cleaning features.

he TOTO washlet S300 toilet seat provides a massage feature that stimulates in a gentle cycling motion, it will give you the best possible washing action.

Remote Controlled

You can take full control on everything via the remote. It is custom made that works anything you want at your demand instantly, from water pressure level, temperature and the direction of the gentle treated source.

The air blow drying can be easily modified in 3 diverse hotness settings at your own comfortable choice.

It further brings you a warm feel for more relaxation, a heated seat also can be adjusted that fully suits your very own feel.

A deodorizer fan is an incredible feature here; this could effectively prevent the toilet odor.

That being said, save your money because you don’t need to buy an air freshener.

The seat is made of special plastics with antibacterial substance to avoid wide-spreading harmful bacteria.

The SoftClose is a top notch feature that keeps the lid silent that eliminates those annoying slam sounds, this is perfect especially when you have kids at home that also decreases injury incidents.

All you need to get is a fundamental tools and an AC power socket so that you can connect it at nearest distance within its 3ft cable to attach the TOTO Washlet S300.

The setting up is really simple, it provides an easy to follow manual that will help you through the installation process. Generally, anyone can put it together even with a very limited technical ability.


A gentle and aerated water spray is provided for the most appropriate way to clean-up. This is very helpful if you got flexibility problem or there’s a senior family members.

A dual action spray with massage and a cycling motion options if you prefer the most efficient cleaning possible

A Warm air dryer that you can adjust at the most considerable temperature level, this helps you dry up right after each cleanup

A changeable water temperature range is included for soothing feeling through the duration of washing and a changeable water pressure level that guarantees your complete cleanup

An automatic air deodorizer is made available that immediately removes the toilet odor, you don’t need to have a toilet freshener that saves you a lot of money

A soft touch remote control is provided that it gives you full control on anything you want within your reach

A large LCD display screen can be seen for fairly simple visualization.

The SoftClose is one of the most helpful features you can get on all TOTO toilet seat, it reduces almost any accidental injury and totally removes those awful “slam sound” which is good news for children at home

An extremely durable seat which is made of anti-bacterial plastic that maintains your toilet germ free all the time

The heated seat is very soothing that will give you the Spa treatment feel every time you’re there

A simple to remove toilet cover that gives you the totally convenient way of cleaning without sweating


It’s always been a remarkable experience with the TOTO Washlet S300 Toilet Seat.

The exceptional quality of this product is excellent, with many features that will surely make your life suitable, not just a complete luxury but helpful in various ways, most importantly if you have problems back there.

This great idea starts in Japan, having it available mostly every hotel and many homes too. As soon as you have it, you’ll never be more delighted with your life again. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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