TOTO Washlet E200 Toilet Seat Review

TOTO Washlet E200 Toilet Seat Review

Treat your life with a Spa ambiance at your own personal residence with TOTO Washlet E200 Toilet Seat.

TOTO has created an innovation for you to live through the ultimate in comfort cleaning that will send you to greater levels like you’ve never been before.

Loaded With Features

TOTO Washlet E200 is loaded with many features that you’ll surely adore.

Warm Treated Water

A gentle stream of warm treated water and relaxing seat will keeps you feel very soothing; this is ideal during winter time.

Adjustable Water Pressure

An adjustable water pressure and temperature will absolutely suit your very own water preference.

Air Dryer

It also includes a massage and warm-air dryer that provides you a calming feeling to maximize your comfort.

Easy To Use Remote Control

An easy to operate remote control is included within your reach to set your own taste. A seat attached controlled is provided in case your remote drains the battery.

TOTO Washlet E200 Toilet Seat Review

Soft Close Seat

A SoftClose seat cover is great if you have children at home to avoid that irritating slam noise, it also eliminates injury incidents.

TOTO Washlet E200 Toilet Seat Review

More Color Variant

The TOTO Washlet E200 is reachable in three unique colors that may suit your own taste and also your bathroom color theme. Those 3 are the colonial white, cotton and Sedona.

Simple To Install

It demands a nearby outlet which powers up the TOTO E200 with 120V AC 60Hz.

This is fairly simple to set up for the average person, if you can’t, you can hire a plumber or an electrician to do it for you in less time.

The entire unit can be easily unattached, from seat, lid component for more convenient way of cleaning.

More Features Ahead

A soft touch remote control is provided that gives you the command anything you need within your reach

A three positioning warm air dryer that precisely suit your ideal heat, this will makes you dry right after cleansing

A warm aerated water wash is the most comforting way to clean up with hotness you desire, this is perfect during winter season

The heated seat is very relaxing which will give you the Spa treatment feel each time you’re there

A built-in massage feature is provided to further optimize your comfort

A self cleaning wand is best if you have a movement problem that can help you for an automated clean-up. You don’t require those toilet papers again; this will also help us save the environment and save money a well

The SoftClose is one of the best features you can have on all TOTO toilet seat, it reduces most injury incidents and totally removes those disturbing “slam sound” which is great for children at home


If you always hated to use a toilet paper that can result in discomfort and irritable, the TOTO Washlet E200 Toilet Seat will absolutely resolves your problem.

It doesn’t just give you total comfort but a soothing experience that takes you to the next level whenever a call of nature takes place.

Various individuals think it’s pretty much expensive, but soon after you discover it, you’ll be surprise because it’s extremely affordable.

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