TOTO Ultimate Toilet Review

TOTO Ultimate Toilet Review

Anyone who’s searching for ultimate flushing power toilet, the TOTO Ultimate Toilet Review is worth reading.

It features a Power Gravity flushing System that totally eliminates those bulks of waste in just a single flush.

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Powerful And Quiet Flush

The TOTO Ultimate Toilet provides tremendous power in its every flush thus leaving no room for clog. If you’re having problems with your old toilet not anymore due to its wider flush valve.

It provides a 3-inch wide opening flush valve that delivers 125-percent larger than any conventional 2-inch flush valve available on the market.

As a result, the water on the tank will quickly rush on the bowl that produces a powerful push that removes everything on the bowl. In addition to that, an oversize trapway design that greatly sucks the waste with its 2-1/8 diameter.

The fully glazed trapway design gives you the advantage of easier to clean and prevents the dirt from sticking on it.

A noisy flush could be disturbing, right. Not with the TOTO Ultimate Toilet due to its quiet flush feature. It doesn’t distract anyone at home especially those who slept late at night.

Sleek Design And Comfort

The TOTO Ultimate Toilet is not all about power, if the looks could be your deciding factor you’ll never go wrong with it.

This one piece toilet in elongated form comes in a very sleek design that perfectly complements any modern or classic design bathroom.

Not only the looks it poses but also a total comfort to everyone who sits in there. It comes with a high profile design that provides an extra height.

It measures 15-inch from the seat that makes it comfortable when sitting and standing in there. This makes it suitable for seniors and persons with knee and mobility problems.

Water Saver

If you still using you’re vintage toilet that consumes 3 to 6 GPF (Gallon Per Flush) you better think twice, as it waste too much water. The TOTO Ultimate Toilet can save you thousands of gallons of water every year.

Thanks to its Water saving feature that consume only 1.6 GPF. This will apparently shows on your monthly water bill.

TOTO SoftClose Seat Included

The Toto SoftClose is included on the box so that you never bought it separately that will cost you additional money.

The Toto SoftClose seat features an innovative smart seat technology that gives you total comfort. This makes it possible with its super comfortable Ergonomic design and molded bumpers that perfectly contour your body shape.

Its high Gloss Polypropylene gives an elegant looks and easier to clean as well due to its dirt, cleaning agents and chemical resistant as well.

It is constructed with solid and high impact plastic that provides additional durability. It is design to keep your family safe from any injuries that eliminates that annoying toilet seat slam.

This makes it possible with its Built-in SoftClose hinge system that gently and quietly lowers the toilet lid.

Ease Of Installation

The TOTO Ultimate Toilet is designed to maximize your ease of installation so that anyone can do it even without any plumbing experience.

It comes with the standard 12-inch rough in design that will fit in any bathroom. There’s a top tightening mounting bolts that secures an easy installation.

What’s Inside The Box?

The box includes the tank cover, fittings, chrome plated trip lever and the SoftClose seat whenever you purchase the TOTO Ultimate Toilet. The unit is back up with one year warranty to protect your purchase.

Customers’ Review

The TOTO MS854114#01 Ultimate Toilet receives an excellent review at Amazon that proves its amazing performance.


It works well and I’ll give it a 5-star rating. I put this model to many bathrooms’ owners and they all like it no one had a problem.


For more than 7-years of using it never clog even once and never have a single repair on it.


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The TOTO Ultimate Toilet proves to be an ideal solution to your clogging problem. If you’re searching for a real power, you can never go wrong with it.

Considering the looks and features it poses every vital areas to meet your bathroom needs. Installation makes it simple so that you don’t need to pay a plumber to do it for you.

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