Toto S300e Washlet Toilet Seat Review

The Toto S300e Washlet Toilet Seat is one of the latest innovation from Toto that will give you a total pleasure on your bathroom needs.

The S300e is the improved version of their older S300 that includes advance features for your total comfort. For your hygienic necessitate that totally eliminates the use of traditional tissue paper.

What’s new with Toto S300e Toilet Seat?

The new Toto Washlet Toilet Seat features the eWater function that will automatically spray the toilet bowl every after flush.

As a result, the bowl stays clean for longer period of time even for heavy usage. This is great if you have many guess at home for party or family gathering.

Moreover, you have more time to spend with your family than suffering from the pain of frequent cleaning.

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Extra Comfort 

The Toto S300e Washlet Toilet Seat is well suited for elongated toilet bowl. Its new slim design feature with only 4 inches additional seat height provides total comfort to anyone who sits in there.

Sitting and standing here totally removes the pain with its extra height especially those elderly person with knee problems.

More Safety Features

The Toto S300e Washlet Toilet Seat provides more safety features to keep your family safe from any harmful bacterial infections that will endanger the health of family member.

Anti Bacterial Seat

The solid plastic seat features an anti-bacterial material that repels any dangerous microorganisms that may lead from serious disease.

SoftClose Lid

Another safety feature from this washlet is the soft close lid, it guarantees a tender close as it lowers back down the seat cover from.

As a result, it totally eliminates the toilet slam that will keep your child safe every time their using it.

In addition to that, it doesn’t disturb anyone sleeping as it completely removes those annoying slam sound.

Built Tough 

The Toto S300e Washlet Toilet Seat is made from top of the line plastic materials which is highly capable to withstand heavy person that will never deform so that you can enjoy the countless benefits of it even for decades of heavy usage.

Works In Full Automation

Experience the maximum comfort from Toto S300e Washlet Toilet Seat with its temperature controlled heated seat.

As you draw closer to the seat, there’s a seat sensor that will detect you and automatically. It activates every function on the washlet that will readily available at hand for its total handiness.

A remote control is provided for your convenience of usage, it has an illuminated touch pad for simple operation and visual with two user memory settings.

You can set the seat temperature at your own preference to achieve the best comfort. For sure, no one wants to seat on a cold toilet bowl especially during winter season.

A soothing warm water will wash you in front and rear portion trough its temperature and pressure adjustable control.

As you seat on the washlet, it is pre-steam for a very relaxing feeling while sitting there.

After every usage, there’s a self cleaning wand that will automatically removes all the dirt without exerting any effort.

A warm air dryer with individual temperature control that will bring back your dryness.

There’s an automatic air deodorizer that removes those bad odors fast and saves you from buying a deodorizer.

Ease Of Installation

The Toto Washlet Toilet Seat includes a secure mounting assembly for fast and ease of installation.

However, consumer should be aware the fact that a nearby outlet is required to power ups the washlet.

An easy to understand installation manual is also found in the box for simple assembly.

In addition to that is a set of color matched plastic hinges that completes the package.


The Toto S300e Washlet Toilet Seat is packed with features which considerably far better than its S300 rival.

Although, some older S300 model has reported perfectly working after eight years of continuous usage. This proves how durable and reliable the product is.

Toto promises the same level of reliability can be expected with this newer version.

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