Toto G400 Bidet Toilet Combo Review

Toto G400 Bidet Toilet Combo Review

What can you expect from Toto G400 Bidet Toilet Combo?

The Toto G400 Bidet Toilet Combo gives you total self cleaning in a very simple way and smarter than ever. With its comfort height and full automation operation it will surely takes you from a different level. The toilet delivers unmatched flushing system that prevents it clogging with minimal water usage. It looks amazing in its ceramic glazing finish that stays clean and less frequent cleaning required.

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Flushing System

The Toto G400 Bidet Toilet Combo delivers powerful flushing system with its Dual-Max 3D Tornado Flush. It removes everything on the bowl in just a single flush.

How? With its 3D Tornado flush feature that has three powerful nozzles which creates force in centrifugal rinsing action.

The Toto G400 features a Dual Flushing system. For heavy flushes it consume only 1.28 GPF (Gallon per Flush) while light flushes only 0.9 GPF.

What is it for you?

To further save you water the Toto G400 Bidet Toilet Combo features a dual flushing system that enables you to choose between 1.28 GPF and 0.9 GPF. For heavy poof you can use the heavy flush while for urine only the light flush will do the job.

Compare to any single flush toilet you always use the maximum water usage thus leaving you with no choices at all.

The Toto G400 uses small amount of water in every flush that makes it Highly Efficient Toilet. In fact, it is a certified WaterSense and CALGreen compliant.

Comfort Height

The Toto G400 is designed for Universal Height that provides more comfortable seat position for wide range of users. This toilet is also an ADA compliant which is ideal for elderly person and with mobility problems.

CeFiONtect Advantage

The CeFiONtect is TOTO’s innovative ceramic glazing design for super smooth and elegant looks. Not only that, it brings you with more advantage that protects it and easy cleaning as well. Firstly, it prevents the waste from sticking the bowl as you flush the toilet.

The combination of the CeFiONtect and Premist helps minimize the frequency of cleaning thus reducing the amount of water usage, harsh chemicals and the required time for cleaning the toilet.

The CeFiONtect ion barrier glaze minimizes the debris and mold from sticking to its ceramic surfaces while keeping your toilet cleaner for longer period of time.

Skirted Design

The Toto G400 Bidet Toilet Combo Features a skirted design for a lot easier cleaning of the bowl exterior. In addition to that, this toilet is presented in one-piece for fast and simple cleaning. It removes the corners and contour which is commonly found in two-piece toilet.

Toto G400 Bidet Seat Features

Auto Open and Close Lid

For complete touch less operation the Toto G400 Bidet seat / lid can be automatically open and close or commanded via remote control.

Premist The Bowl

The Toto G400 Bidet seat automatically premist or wets the toilet bowl surface using the incoming water supply. What it does? Study shows that it removes waste and sticky dirt 80% more effective than a dry bowl.

Heated Seat

Hate the cold shock in the morning and winter?

The Toto G400 Bidet seat features a heated seat that can be set to your own temperature preferences between 82°F and 97°F. The specially designed contoured seat is has an integrated sensor that maintains your desired temperature for maximum comfort for all season.

Self Clean

The self-cleaning function of the Toto G400 Bidet seat cleans the entire wand before and after every usage.


If you don’t want those unpleasant odors the Deodorizer effectively cleans the air around the toilet using powerful air filters. The air is drawn in, passing through an ionized carbon filter that totally eliminates them.

Cleansing Functions

There are three types of adjustable cleansing functions to choose from when it’s time for you to clean up the Rear, Rear Soft, and Front.

The rear spray features a pleasant, yet strong water pressure. Rear soft spray has a larger radius to cover more space, but uses lower water pressure.

This combination makes for a soft and comfortable spray. The front wash consists of large, soft drops for comfortable intimate cleansing.


After you clean up, it’s time for you to enjoy the ease and comfort of drying with the temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer.

Automatic Flush

As you leave the toilet, the Toto G400 Bidet Toilet will automatically flush it for you for complete hands free operation.

How It Works?

The Toto G400 Bidet seat works in full automation for your total comfort. It begins as you approach the toilet and the lid will automatically opens hands-free to welcome you. The automatic Premist will sprays the toilet bowl surface.

When you take your rightful place upon the toilet, you can feel the warmth of heated seat that gives you soothing feeling especially during winter and early in the morning.

After your poof or pee, you can simply access the remote control and start the cleansing process. A self-cleaning wand will appear to wash your nether-regions.

You are in total control, as you are able to select a front cleanse, soft rear cleanse, rear cleanse, oscillating cleanse, or pulsating cleanse.

The variable temperature and pressure setting allows you to adjust the warmth and intensity of the spray.

You may also decide to save your preferences with the two user memory feature so that you may instantly access them for your next visit.

You may start the air dryer with five temperature options to reduce the moisture left behind from the cleaning.

The automatic Dual-Max flush will determine the necessary flush volume and begin as soon as you rise.

Pros and Cons

The following pros and cons is based on the users experience of customers who already bought this toilet.


The toilet comes in two set with excellent packaging.

We have using it for ten months now and performs perfectly.

We purchase it to upgrade our bathroom for my brother in wheelchair and it helped him so much.

This toilet treats you with total loving care says with one reviewer. It works in full automation functions which you can modify with your own preferences.

It was a wonderful machine and had it for a month and it is so smooth as it was. It feels heaven under his seat testified by one customer.

This is not an ordinary bidet it was a totally state of the art machine that gives you with overall cleanliness.

It was a great toilet that works as advertised.

The heat feature of the seat is very helpful especially during winter.

I love this toilet and you definitely admire it too.


The front wand is a bit short.

The dryer is less powerful.

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The Toto G400 Washlet with Integrated Toilet shows remarkable performance. It makes everyone clean in full automation and simple touch of remote.

Feature wise, you can never be short of it as it got everything you ever want in a bidet toilet combo. From entering to the bathroom to leaving, it does everything for you. This makes it perfect for elderly persons and having a mobility problem.

The toilet provides great power as it removes huge waste with small amount of water. Having the freedom to choose between heavy (1.28GPF) and light (0.9GPF) flushes saves you further more water. The CeFiONtect feature keeps it clean all the time and less frequent cleaning is required.

With a toilet and a washlet in a single package gives you the advantage of saving money. While it perfectly fit both without worrying of being unmatched when buying two separate units.

Though, there are some shortcoming such as a shorter wand and less powerful dryer it will simply outshines the goodness we can get from it. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!