TOTO Carolina II Bidet Toilet Combo Review

TOTO Carolina II Bidet Toilet Combo Review

Toto Carolina II Bidet Toilet Combo Introduction:

The combination of the S350 bidet and the Toto Carolina II gives you a new level of self cleaning experience. Not only it looks beautiful but, a highly reliable toilet as well.

The S350e is one of the latest offering from TOTO that promises advanced features for your total comfort in self cleaning. Nothing beats a hot seat during winter or early morning and the Toto S350e gives you the soothing feeling every time you sit in there.

With the exceptional flushing capability of TOTO Carolina II it uses small amount of water that removes maximum amount of waste without the need of double flushing.

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Flushing System

The TOTO Carolina II Bidet Toilet Combo features with powerful flushing system that removes huge amount of waste in just a single flush.

This makes it possible with its Tornado Flushing System that completely eliminates everything in the bowl that includes the sticky dirt.

It requires only 1.28 GPF (Gallons per Flush) of water to remove those bulks of waste. Imagine how much water you’re wasting if you still using the 3-6 GPF vintage toilet.

The video shows how the Tornado Flushing works

Super Smooth

The TOTO Carolina II Bidet Toilet Combo comes with super smooth surface that greatly adds to its elegant looks. Thanks to its Cefiontect feature (Formerly called SanaGloss) with ionized surface that significantly improves its bowl rinse.

Easy To Clean

The TOTO Carolina II Connect Plus Toilet is presented in one-piece toilet so that makes it easy to clean compare to any two-piece toilet.

If you truly value your time the Cefiontect surface promotes less frequent cleaning requirements. In addition to that, it lessens the use of chemical cleansers that keep it in top shape for longer period of time.

Connect Plus System

The TOTO Carolina II features a Connect plus system that provides clean installation. It neatly conceals the washlet’s power cord and water supply hose for visually neat fixtures.

Toto S350e Bidet Seat

The Toto S350e Bidet Seat Features

The TOTO S350e Bidet Seat is a highly advanced cleansing system which is perfectly designed for your total comfort and hygiene.

Auto Open and Close Seat and Lid

The Toto Washlet S350e lid will automatically open as you approach the toilet. You can also set the auto open feature to open both the seat and lid. The seat and lid will also close upon leaving the toilet.

Heated Seat

To prevent the cold shock in the morning or during winter the especially designed contoured seat is heated that gives you maximum comfort. There are 5-temperature settings to choose from that will suit you according to your own liking.

Clean And Simple Whilst Smarter Than Ever

The Toto S350e Bidet cleans you with warm water after your poof or pee that gives you an exceptional clean feeling.  The Washlet’s self-cleaning wand is fully adjustable that allows the users to set the precise temperature and spray type for comfortable intimate cleansing.


The Ewater+ of the Toto Bidet S350e seat produces electrolyzed water, which is then sprayed on the bowl after every use. The Ewater+ is also use to rinse the wand before and after every use. After 8-hours of inactivity the Toto Washlet S350e sprays the Ewater+ on the bowl that keeps the toilet freshness.


The Toto S350e premist the toilet bowl surface that makes the surface more slippery. Study shows that a premist bowl is 80% more effective in the elimination of the waste compare to a dry bowl.

Instantaneous Heated Water

Instantaneous heated water is always available anytime you use it, coming from continuous stream of warm water.

Night Light

In case your bathroom light is busted an indirect night light feature helps you visualized and guide you in the dark.

Wide Front Cleanse

The wide front cleanse provides larger radius that covers wider area for your thorough cleaning. It works together with its low pressure, soft and comfortable spray.

Water Temperature Control

The Toto S350e Bidet Seat has 5 Settings Water Temperature Control that can be set according to your own preferences for more comfortable warming temperature.

Air Dryer

After you cleanse, enjoy the ease and comfort of drying with its 5 range temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer.

Air Deodorizer

Hate those bad smells? An automatic air deodorizer will cleans the air around the toilet to eliminate those unpleasant odors.

Pros And Cons

The Pros and Cons below are the feedback from customers who already bought and use this toilet.


Customer says that the installation process is flawless.

It is highly reliable and been using it for more than two years without having a sing problem.

Nothing beats a warm seat on a cold season and automatically cleans you.

Once you use it you will never want to use a toilet paper again.

The customers loves it and my life is hard if I don’t have it.

You will be happy if you buy it. I’m getting my second one.

Extra hygienic and worth every penny.


The manual is a bit complex to understand.

The dryer has low power not quite dries you. >>Click Here to read more customers’ reviews.

Watch the full operation of the Toto S350e Bidet Seat…


The toilet itself is pack with features that makes it comfort, easy to use and keeps it clean all the time. It consider as High Efficient Toilet due its small amount of water usage that removes maximum bulk of waste possible.

The Toto S350e Bidet Toilet Seat is one of the best bidet you can have out there. It makes your life simple and easy that greatly helps elderly persons and with disability problems.

It operates in full automation that cleans everything in you thus leaving you comfort and soothing feeling even in times of cold winter.

With so much goodness in it, the TOTO Carolina II Bidet Toilet Combo is available at very reasonable price that brings excellent value on the table. For those who are looking for total comfort cleaning at home this bidet toilet combo is definitely worthy to own. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!