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Looking for modern and elegant design toilet?

The Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet Review deserves a hard look.

The Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet comes in a modern design yet very stylish that compliment different styles of bathroom. The toilet is not all about the looks but, it also has excellent flushing performance.

If you want to save water the Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet uses small amount of water every flush. To further save you water, it features with a dual flushing system. It enables you to save thousands of gallons of water every year while it tremendously cut your monthly water bill.

Having all this types of quality in a single toilet could be expensive, right? However the Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet is surprisingly comes in a very affordable price.


“I love this toilet and goes great with my new bathroom. Sleek and comfortable. What else can I ask for?” by Johana Talbot

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Powerful Flushing System

The Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet features a powerful flushing system that removes everything on a bowl in every flush. This makes it possible with its tornado flushing system that uses two powerful nozzles instead of rim holes found in most toilets.

It creates a centrifugal force for a more powerful and more efficient flush. Unlike any other traditional toilet that employs the rim holes flush with less power resulting in wasting more water.

Highly Efficient Toilet

This makes the Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet considered as a highly efficient toilet (HET).

So, what is highly a highly efficient toilet?

Highly efficient toilet means it uses smallest possible amount of water needed to flush maximum amount of waste without sacrificing its performance.

WaterSense Toilet

This leads it to a waterSense toilet. Why? Because, it meets the strict EPA flushing criteria that saves you another least 20-percent less water compare to any 1.6 gallon toilet.

Dual Flush Advantage

The Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet features a dual flushing system that gives you more advantage compare to a single flush toilet.

A dual flush toilet enables you to choose between heavy flush and light flush.

For removing huge bulk of waste the heavy flush will do the job. While the light flush takes care of small waste and urine.

Having a freedom to choose between heavy and light flush saves you more water. While other conventional toilet tends to waste more water as it always use maximum amount of water every flush.

1.28 GPF and 0.8 GPF

The Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet heavy flush uses only 1.28 GPF (Gallon per Flush) of water while as little as 0.8 GPF for light flushes. That being said, it tremendously cuts your monthly water bill.

Easy To Clean

Hard to clean toilet is definitely a pain and a time waster as well, right?

If you truly value your time and don’t want to sweat the Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet comes with features that make it super easy for you to clean.

Firstly, this toilet is presented in one-piece design which is easier to clean compare to any two-piece toilet. It is nicely contour that eliminates unwanted corners which is hard to reach.

Secondly, its fully skirted blueprint hides the toilet’s trapway for easy access. It conceals the uneven shape from the trapway for fast and easy cleaning.

Thirdly, it is presented in a super sleek design for cleaner, smoother and shiny appearance that offers less frequent cleaning. It prevents the waste from sticking on the bowl thus making it super easy to clean in and out.

Lastly, it features a quick release matte chrome hinges that enables the seat to unlatch from the toilet. This results in an easy removal and more convenient cleaning while it doesn’t requires you to use any tools.

Total Comfort

The Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet provides you with total comfort every time you sit in there. It comes in an elongated bowl that leaves you more room for comfort usage especially for men alike.

Its comfort height feature makes it easier for you to sit and stand. This is ideal for elders and persons with mobility problem.

Soft Close Seat Included

When you purchase the Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet the Soft Close Seat is already included in the package. The elongated seat is perfectly fit to this toilet with built-in No-slam mechanism that closes the lid slowly and quietly.

The soft close seat promotes safety to everyone. It prevents injury which is great if you have children at home. It totally removes those annoying slam sounds so that it doesn’t disturb anyone especially during late night.

Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet Review

The Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet Review receives an outstanding appraisal with 4/5 stars at that proves its great performance. The following reviews are written by customers who already bought and use it in real world applications.


“Amazing product we highly recommended.”

“Looks great. Works great.”

The Looks

“I love the design and Looks just as greAt as photo.”

Customer Service

“The customer service is unique.”


“Nice flusher”


“The opening is too small making it difficult to install.”

Bottom Line

“Very elegant, stylish toilet. Efficient, easy to clean. Soft close seat included. Would definitely recommend.” >>Click Here to read more customers’ review.


The Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet delivers excellent performance as it is already proven by customers who already using it. This is definitely a good choice if you’re planning to replace your old clogging toilet or if you’re thinking to add new bathroom at home.

Its dual flushing system gives you more advantage over a single flushing toilet. Being a certified WaterSense it consumes only 1.28GPF of water for heavy flush while only 0.8GPF for light flush. This enables you to save huge amount of water that cuts your monthly bill.

Though, it uses small amount of water it provides tremendous flushing power so that you don’t have any problems with clogs anymore.

If the looks would be the primary concern for your modern bathroom design, you surely love the Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet with its luxurious modern design.

If you truly value your time, this toilet comes with many features that make it super easy to clean. However, some customer have complain with its installation process but, this simply solved the problem by hiring a plumber.

With so much goodness you can get with the Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet the price it offers is very affordable. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

“Beautiful toilet at a decent price.” By Ling Ling Chee