Swiss Madison Ivy Toilet Review

Swiss Madison Ivy Toilet Review

Having a luxurious modern design toilet doesn’t need to be expensive, right? This is what the Swiss Madison Ivy Dual Tornado Flush Toilet has to offer.

This toilet is not only focus on its looks but, also on its excellent flushing performance and water saving capability as well.

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Flushing System

The Swiss Madison Ivy Dual Tornado Flush Toilet totally eliminate your clogging problem. If you experience it with your previous toilet, you’ll be happy to know that it will never happen again with this toilet.

Thanks to its flushing system that uses two powerful nozzles to create centrifugal force for highly efficient flush. Unlike traditional toilets that uses rim holes which provide less power thus resulting in more water wasting.

The Swiss Madison Ivy Toilet features a dual flushing system that enables you to save more water. This is in the form of partial and full flushes. For removing bulk of waste full flush will do the job. While the partial flush takes care of small waste and urine.

The toilet’s full flush consume only 1.28GPF (Gallon per Flush) of water while as little as 0.8GPF for partial flushes.

What Is A Highly Efficient Flush?

Highly efficient flush means that the toilet uses smallest possible amount of water needed to flush maximum amount of waste without sacrificing its performance. The Swiss Madison Ivy Dual Tornado Flush Toilet considered as a highly efficient toilet as it uses small amount of water that removes huge amount of waste.

WaterSense Certified

The Swiss Madison Ivy Dual Tornado Flush Toilet is a WaterSense certified that enables you to save more water. It meets the strict EPA flushing guidelines that prove its water saving capability.

Aside from its dual tornado flushing system feature it uses small amount of water to flush huge amount of waste that delivers excellent water efficiency. If you’re still using the vintage toilet with 5 to 6 gallons per flush, imagine how much water you’re wasting.

Easy To Clean

I know that everybody hates to clean a messy toilet. But, the Swiss Madison Ivy provides you with an easy to clean features. Firstly, this toilet is presented in one-piece design which is easier to clean compare to any two-piece toilet. It is nicely contour that eliminates unwanted corners which is hard to reach.

Secondly, it is fully skirted design for cleaner, smoother and shiny appearance that offers less frequent cleaning. It prevents the waste from sticking on the bowl thus making it super easy to clean.

Luxurious Design

If the looks could be a deciding factor the Swiss Madison Ivy Dual Tornado Flush Toilet definitely wins your heart. It is presented in a Luxurious Modern Design that perfectly blends in any bathroom motif.

Total Comfort

The Swiss Madison Ivy Dual Tornado Flush Toilet gives you total comfort every time you’re using it. Its elongated bowl provides more room for comfort especially for men. The comfort height makes it easy to sit and stand to anyone even shorter person.

Soft Close Seat Included

Whenever you buy the Swiss Madison Ivy Dual Tornado Flush Toilet the Soft Close Seat is already included in the package. The elongated seat is perfectly matched to the toilet with built-in No-slam mechanism that closes the lid slowly and quietly.

The soft close seat promotes safety to everyone that prevents injury which is great if you have children at home. It totally removes those annoying slam sounds so that it doesn’t disturb anyone especially during late night.

Pros And Cons

The following Pros and Cons are written by customers who already using it based on their experience with this toilet.


They have an outstanding customer service and very helpful. They immediately replaced my defective unit.

It comes a very smooth design and it looks good.

Fast delivery and earlier than I was expected and the package was excellent.

It has a very good flushing power and silent.

Cleaning this toilet is simple and stays clean.

The best thing about it is the price!


The seat is flimsy it moves around. >>Click Here to read more customers’ reviews.


The Swiss Madison Ivy Dual Tornado Flush Toilet is undeniably an excellent product. If you’re planning to replace your old clogging toilet this is definitely a good choice. Considering its superior flushing power you don’t have any problems with clogs anymore.

Take advantage of its dual flushing system that saves you thousands of gallons of water every year while saving you money to cut your bills. Being an EPA certified toilet, it consume only 1.28GPF of water for full flush while only 0.8GPF for partial flush.

If the looks would be the primary concern for your modern bathroom design, you surely love the Swiss Madison Ivy Dual Tornado Flush Toilet with its luxurious modern design.

If you truly value your time the sleek design feature gives you less frequent cleaning while it stays clean all the time. Installation is dead simple so that anyone can finish the job even without plumbing experience.

With so much goodness with the Swiss Madison Ivy Dual Tornado Flush Toilet, the price it offers is too low to pass on. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!