KOHLER K-3811-0 Santa Rosa 1.6GPF Toilet Review

Looking for elegant toilet with powerful flushing system?

Well the KOHLER K-3811-0 Santa Rosa 1.6GPF Toilet could be a perfect choice. This toilet removes maximum bulk of waste in just a single flush.

With that kind of power it uses minimum amount of water so that you can save thousands of gallons every year.

If the looks could be a deciding factor in choosing the best flushing toilet for you, the KOHLER K-3811-0 Santa Rosa 1.6GPF Toilet will surely capture your attention.

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Well Designed

By the looks itself you can tell its well designed appearance that will perfectly compliment any bathroom style. Its low profile blueprint appears smaller on your bathroom thus leaving you more space.

Moreover, its smaller footprint design can turn your limited space bathroom into a very comfortable space.

Advanced Flushing System

The KOHLER K-3811-0 Santa Rosa 1.6GPF Toilet features a Class Five flushing system that offers incredible bulk of waste removal with every flush. As a result, you never need a second flush.


This makes it possible with its Single flush gravity force design. It is a precision engineered design tank, bowl and trapway that generate powerful water draw-off during flashing.

An oversize trapway of 2-1/8 inch diameter provides a larger area for the waste that makes it impossible to clog.

A fully glaze trapway prevents the dirt from sticking and easier to clean as well.

The AquaPiston Canister permits the water to flow into the bowl from every sides of it in 360-degrees motion for additional power and effectiveness of each flush.

Advantages Of Canister Valve

The KOHLER K-3811-0 Santa Rosa 1.6GPF Toilet uses canister valve instead of flapper that can be found in most toilet. However, using canister valve gives you more advantages.

It cleans the bowl that includes the sticky dirt left. This saves you more time by less frequent cleaning and the bowl stays clean all the time.

Canister valve promotes longer life span and less maintenance thus saving you money and time.

It is 90-percent less exposed to seal materials and delivers a leak-free performance.

Another cool advantage of the Canister valve is that it requires low actuation force for smooth operations and less tiring when flushing.

Comfort Height

This one-piece elongated toilet bowl features a comfort height so that anyone who sits in there will find easiness in sitting and standing.

Having a seat height comparable to a regular chair makes it ideal for elderly persons and with knee problem. However, the KOHLER K-3811-0 Santa Rosa 1.6GPF Toilet is not suitable for shorter people and young kids at home.

Advantages Of One-Piece Toilet

The KOHLER K-3811-0 Santa Rosa 1.6GPF Toilet comes in one-piece that give you much advantage such as easier to clean compare to any two-piece toilet.

It looks smaller on your bathroom thus leaving you more space. And lastly, simpler to assemble that doesn’t require to put together the tank and bowl because, it is already attached.

More Features Ahead

Quality Materials

The KOHLER K-3811-0 Santa Rosa is made from top of the line material known as Vitreous china. It weights 101-pounds of pure mass that shows its tough built.

Toilet Seat Included

It comes with a toilet seat so that saves you money from not buying it separately. A standard 12-inch rough-in design makes it easier to anyone to install the toilet.


The KOHLER K-3811-0 Santa Rosa 1.6GPF Toilet performs well and it is proven by the customers who are already using it. There’s so much goodness we can get out of it aside from having a powerful flushing system.

The toilet is silent which is ideal if you don’t want be disturb late at night. From the looks and design of this toilet it makes your bathroom wider and very stylish.

Due to its simple installation procedure you don’t need to pay for a plumber as anyone can finish the job in no time.

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