Kohler K-3713-0 Highline Classic Toilet Review

If you’re looking to save water on your toilet the Kohler K-3713-0 Highline Classic Toilet could be an ideal choice. This toilet uses only 1.28 GPF (Gallon Per flush) of water that doesn’t require a double flush.

If you’re still using the vintage 3.5 GPF toilet, I just can’t imagine how much water you’re wasting.

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Water Efficient

One of the best characteristic of a best toilet is its water efficiency. The toilet is said to be water efficient if its uses less water to remove maximum bulk of waste in every flush.

The Kohler K-3713-0 Highline Classic Toilet is design for this type operation. It offers another 20-percent less water to a standard 1.6 GPF toilets out there.

That being said, the Kohler K-3713-0 Highline Classic Toilet is qualified WaterSense toilet that meets the strict EPA flushing guidelines.

Powerful Flush

The Kohler K-3713-0 Highline Classic Toilet belongs to the Class Five flushing technology that features plug-and-leak performance.

Its purpose is to provide an amazing flushing power and superior rinsing ability that leave the bowl cleans all the time.

The Kohler K-3713-0 Highline Classic Toilet uses the gravity flush that uses gravity of water that pushes the waste outside the bowl.

This makes it possible with the precision engineered tank, bowl and trapway that creates a powerful siphon action during flushing.

Comfort Height

The Kohler K-3713-0 Highline Classic Toilet features a comfort height that makes sitting and standing super easy. The added height on this toilet provides total comfort for elders and those with mobility problem.

Ease Of Usage

The Kohler K-3713-0 Highline Classic Toilet is presented in a very simple design that will perfectly compliment any bathroom style. Its super clean appearance makes your bathroom highly elegant and hygienic.

Its 10-inch rough in makes it simpler to fit while its three-bolt installation feature brings a super easy assembly that even a novice can finish the job.

A standard left hand chrome trip lever creates a soft and smooth flushing action. However, consumer should be aware the fact that the toilet seat and supply line is not included on the package.

Customers’ Review

The Kohler K-3713-0 Highline Classic Toilet receives an outstanding review at Amazon.com with 4.5/5 stars that proves its great performance.


The extra height is a big factor.

You’ll discover how good this toilet on your knees and back.


The flush works great, it removes everything.

Super powerful flush even a huge waste can remove.


Cleaning this toilet is simple


Installing this toilet is a breeze

Water Consumption

It flushes with small amount of water very efficient.


The toilet was delivered in top condition.

Minor Issue

It doesn’t include the seat and the wax ring. >>Click Here to read more reviews.

Read the video of the Kohler K-3713-0 Highline Classic Toilet to see it in action…


The Kohler K-3713-0 Highline Classic Toilet is in no doubt a great performing toilet that doesn’t sacrifice its power though it uses small amount of water.

Consumers are highly satisfied with its ability to flush, ease of installation and cleanliness after every flush.

The toilet comes with a very reasonable price that brings an excellent value to anyone who’s looking for the best flushing toilet. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!