If you’re looking for toilets with maximum comfort height, let me introduce to you the Kohler Cimarron toilet. We all know about the flagship behind the Kohler technology, they offer the best quality toilet bowls for restroom and bathrooms for years, the Cimarron toilet is no exemption to that.

The Kohler Cimarron series toilet comes in many designs, from one piece or two piece toilet, it will perfectly suit your needs. These are available in many colors to that will surely match your bathroom or your own preferences.

One of the excellent features here is the comfort height, this is ideal for elderly and disabled person that suffers from knee or back problems. This toilet is so powerful that can removed bulk waste in a single flush, thanks to its amazing Class five flushing technology feature.

The Kohler K-3609-0 Cimarron is 1.28 GPF (gallon per flush) economical models, enough to flush out those bulk wastes without the need for double flushing, with small amount of water being use it will definitely cuts your water bill. However, with less water consumption it doesn’t sacrifice its performance. This toilet meets the efficiency standard requirements to show how good the Kohler Cimarron toilet is.

If you want the best in class bowl cleanliness the Kohler K-3589-0 Cimarron 1.6 GPF Toilet is perfect for you. The same power you can get that provides a canister flush valve for smooth flushing actuation with consistent water usage.

A very elegant looking design with glossy finished makes it simpler for you to clean up that doesn’t cause you sweat and stays clean for longer time. This what makes the Cimarron toilet great for families with large households with constant daily usage.

In addition to its elegant looks yet modern feel, a chrome polished left hand lever is included. Another great feature here is the soft-close toilet seat, this provides an easy to install and quick release that doesn’t cause you pain for comfort cleaning.

Product features

Powerful Class Five Flushing technology that removes tremendous bulk of waste in a single flush that leaves your bowl clean

It uses a Canister flush valve that provides smooth flushing actuation with consistent water usage

It also features an Exclusive Dry Lock easy installation system; this makes your floor always dry

The Kohler comfort height toilet makes it easier for you to sitting down and standing up which is very helpful for elderly and disabled person

A 1.28 GPF High efficient low water consumption toilet saves you thousands of gallons per year

Meets the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) strict flushing performance guidelines

Customer’s Review

The Kohler Cimarron Toilet earns an almost perfect 5 star rating, proving it to be one of the best toilet products you can have. To share with the most helpful customers’ review, here is what he has to say about this great toilet.

A water-saving toilet that works, By Craig R. Linder “Texas hybrid” (Austin, TX USA)

“The bottom line is that this Kohler low-flow toilet works great. We’ve had them installed for over two months now and they have performed flawlessly. No clogs, excellent bowl rinsing, fast and quiet. This is a gravity 1.28 gpf toilet that works, and I highly recommend it.” >>Click Here to read more customers’ review.


If you’re thinking of replacing your old clogging toilet that consumes more water, the Kohler Cimarron toilet is worthy to consider. Using the powerful Class five flushing technology, you can be sure of a clog free toilet for years. With minimal amount of water bulk of waste is gone in a single flush. Installation is a breeze; even zero knowledge in plumbing can get the job done.

With so much goodness in it there’s a few negative aspect on it that consumers should be aware of. This toilet doesn’t come with a seat but, you can get a good one for less than $25. The 1.28GPF version saves you tremendous amount of water however, it is a bit less powerful than the 1.6GPF version although, due to its powerful flushing system it sounds louder than the other. Lastly, the comfort height is not comfortably suited for shorter person. Other than that, the toilet is amazing and simply overrun the benefits of it.

Kohler Cimarron toilets are available at a very reasonable price making it a good choice if you’re looking for clog free and total comfort. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!