KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet Review

KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet Review, Kohler Toilets Reviews

If you’re looking for traditional elegance the KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet will perfectly suit your needs. The Bancroft collection modeled after the early 1900s American blueprint that comes in a refined curves. The KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet brings not only about classical appeal but unparallel flushing power behind its water conserving efficiency.

The KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet Review gives you an insight about the toilet’s main feature and its performance.

Five stars “Great buy! Looks great, works great!”

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Water Saver

Though the KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet is based on the early 1900s design its flushing technology is truly state of the art. Its water consumption is only 1.28GPF (Gallon Per flush) that saves you thousands of gallons every year.

If you’re still using the vintage 3.5GPF toilet, imagine how much water you are wasting. With the KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet optimum water efficiency, it never sacrifices its performance. It offers another 20-percent water saving compare to other 1.6GPF standard toilet.

Powerful Flushing System

The KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet features a powerful flushing system that removes maximum bulk of waste in just a single flush. This makes it possible with its single flush gravity force that precisely works in tandem with its precision engineered tank, bowl and trapway.

As a result, a very strong siphon jet action that drains off the waste every flush. This is what Kohler claims for their powerful Class Five flushing system.

To further increase its effectiveness and flushing power the AquaPiston canister feature permits the water to surge into the bowl from all sides in 360 degrees. It leaves the bowl clean without blemish every time you flush the KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet. This earns them to be the best-in-class bowl cleanliness.

Durable Canister

The KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet uses the super durable canister as opposed the common flapper found in most toilets. Canister flush valve delivers super smooth flushing actuation with very high water efficiency.

It meets the strict EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines for flushing performance and WaterSense program that qualifies it as High Efficiency Toilet (HET).

The durable canister design offers 90-percent less exposed to seal material compare to the 3-inch flapper. This promotes a leak free performance and longer life span for a worry free maintenance.

Soft Touch Flush

If you hate the painful flush button the KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet features a soft touch canister flushing system. It requires the lowest actuation force needed to flush the toilet. Unlike the traditional flapper that needs a forceful push down before it flushes.

Total Comfort

The KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet offers total comfort to anyone who sits in there. This two-piece toilet is presented in elongated bowl form for added room and comfort. It also features a comfort height that offers a chair height to make it easier for you to sit and stand without the knee and back pain. That being said, it is ideal for elder and persons with disability.

Easy To Install

The KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet comes in a standard 12-inch rough in for easy installation and perfectly fits in any type of toilet. This is great if you’re thinking of upgrading your old toilet. The toilet features a 3-bolt installation for fast and simple fixture. The three pre installed tank bolts save you from installation time.

KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet Review

The KOHLER K-3827-0 Bancroft Toilet Review receives an excellent appraisal of 5/5 stars from amazon.com that proves its great performance. Here’s is one of the most helpful customer’s reviews.

“Just installed this toilet as well as the matching Bancroft sink with pedestal. Solidly made in Mexico. Class Five Flushing technology is terrific. It basically gulps down waste and requires very little in the way of water. The elongated is a higher seat, so shorter folks may not find it too comfortable. The matching Kohler ‘Bancroft’ seat is made of plastic and not the best. That said – it has worked well to date and fits nicely with vintage-style home interiors.” >>Click Here to read more reviews.


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