Kohler K-3577-7 Wellworth Classic 1.28 GPF Round-Front Toilet Review

Consumers who are looking for powerful toilet that can save them gallons of water and refuse to spend more, the Kohler K-3577-7 Wellworth classic 1.28GPF toilet is perfect for your needs. Say goodbye to your aged 7GPF toilet that consumes huge amount of water but still clogging, the Kohler Wellworth classic come to the rescue.

This great toilet is available in two different colours that may suit your own preference in black and white. If you’re looking to save money, I found the best deal at Amazon while searching for the Kohler K-3577-7 Welworth Classic. Click Here to learn more.

Powerful Flushing System

Wellworth toilets have been a trademark for Americans that brings solid performance for over 70-years of experience. This two piece toilet features a Class Five flushing technology; it delivers an extra ordinary power that can remove massive bulk of waste in just a single flush. It includes a canister flush valve that provides a smooth flushing actuation with highly efficient water usage. After every flush, the bowl leaves you spotless due to it’s the best-in-class bowl cleanliness feature.

Water Saver

Older toilets consume 4 – 7 GPF (Gallon Per Flush), if you still using that you’re wasting money on your water bill. The Kohler Wellworth saves you water with only 1.28 GPF however, with this small volume it doesn’t sacrifice its performance. You can save up to 16,500 gallons of water per year; imagine how much you can bank with this amazing toilet.

Elegant Design

This toilet comes in black color which is very elegant looking and a very classic design with round front which is more comfortable when sitting on the toilet. It is made from Vitreous China, a top quality material that gives you a glossy appearance. If you truly value your time this toilet saves the day, it is easier to clean and stays clean for a longer period of time compare with other conventional toilet. Consumers should be aware that this toilet doesn’t include a seat which is sold separately in a very affordable price.


Powerful Class five flushing technology that removes bulk of waste in a single flush without clogging

Highly efficient that consumes only 1.28 GPF, this can save you up to 16,500 gallons of water per year compare with other conventional toilet

It features a canister flush valve that provides smooth flushing actuation

Easy cleaning and stays clean after every flush that saves your time in doing your important daily task

Made of Vitreous China with top quality materials that looks glossy elegant

Very stylish in black color that will match any toilet motif you may have and comfortable in round front design


If you’re looking to save money on your water bill this toilet is definitely the best choice. The price it offers really makes it easy to recommend to anyone who’s on tight budget, if you’re considering the best price you can have, then this is it.

On the negative side of it, two piece toilet requires more cleaning time compare to one-piece as it is always be the case and it doesn’t come with a seat. However, you can purchase a good one for only $23. Say goodbye to your plumber and live happily with a clog free toilet. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!