KOHLER K-3946-0 Adair Toilet Review

KOHLER K-3946-0 Adair Toilet Review

With its striking organic design inspired by the windswept rock formations of Sedona, Arizona that will perfectly match your modern bathroom.

Due to its slim tank design your bathroom will look wider that leaves more room if you have limited space.

The KOHLER K-3946-0 Adair Toilet is not only about its looks but, it offers powerful flushing system, comfort and water saver as well.

The KOHLER K-3946-0 Adair Toilet Review gives an insight of the toilet’s key features and performance so that it may help you decide if it is the right one for you.

“It looks terrific and flushes well compare to my older 6 GPF toilet.” By Josh

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Powerful Flush

Hate the clogs?

The KOHLER K-3946-0 Adair Toilet features a powerful flushing system that removes maximum bulk of waste in just a single flush. This makes it possible with the AquaPiston canister that permits the water to flow from all sides thus increasing the power and effectiveness of the toilet’s flush.

It uses the water gravity force that combines with the precision engineered tank, bowl and trapway that creates a strong siphon jet action during flushing.

To further increase its flushing power the flush valve is designed to oversize its flush valve harness ratio into 3:2. A larger flush valve causes the water flow rapidly into the bowl that creates an extra push to the waste.

Advantages Of Canister Flush

Leak Free performance

The KOHLER K-3946-0 Adair Toilet is designed to use canister flush as opposed to the traditional flapper. The canister flush provides a leak free performance that last longer period of time compare to the traditional flapper.

It is less than 90-percent exposed to seal material so that it doesn’t easily worn out. If you hate the pain every time you flush, the canister features a light touch flush that requires low actuation force than flapper.

Water Saver

Though, the KOHLER K-3946-0 Adair Toilet comes with powerful flushing system it is surprisingly uses small amount of water. It consume only 1.28 (GPF) Gallon per Flush that saves you thousands of gallons of water every year.

To prove how effective it is, it is qualified as a WaterSense toilet that meets the strict EPA flushing guidelines. It uses at least 20-percent less water compare to a standard 1.6 GPF toilets.

Comfort Height

The KOHLER K-3946-0 Adair Toilet features a comfort height in which exactly the same as the chair height. It gives you total comfort as chair seating that makes standing up and sitting down in there is easier. As a result, this is highly suitable for elders and persons with knee problem.

Compact Design

The KOHLER K-3946-0 Adair Toilet comes in a compact design with slim tank in oval form that makes it ideal for small spaces bathroom. Though, it is presented in compact design it doesn’t sacrifice your comfort. Its elongated bowl leaves more room for your comfort when sitting in there.

Soft Close Seat Included

The KOHLER K-3946-0 Adair Toilet includes a soft close seat so that you don’t need to buy it separately that saves you extra money. The Grip-Tight Cachet Q3 functionality allows the toilet seat to close gently and quietly.

This prevents injury and those annoying slam sound that may disturb you late at night. With this feature it will quickly unlatch from the toilet for easy removal thus provides you convenient cleaning.

Customers’ Review

The KOHLER K-3946-0 Adair Toilet receives a perfect review of 5/5 stars that proves its outstanding performance.

Water Saver

I was amazed how water friendly this toilet is.


It has a powerful flushing system than my old flapper toilet used.


This toilet looks great

The Seat

The softclose seat feels flimsy but, as long as it doesn’t clog it’s good for me. >>Click Here to read more customer’s review.


The KOHLER K-3946-0 Adair Toilet delivers great performance as it is proven by customers who bought and use it in real world. Though, it uses small amount of water its flushing power is undeniably outstanding.

You don’t need to double flush, It saves you up to 16,500 gallons of water every year that drastically cuts your water bill. If you still using the vintage toilet, you better think twice.

Feature wise, it brings more on the table and the most interesting about it is its modern looks and compact design. It brings comfort to anyone including the sit that makes your bathroom a happy place.

The price it offer is very much affordable that delivers excellent value to anyone who’s looking for modern, water saver and yet powerful toilet. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!