How To Unclog A Toilet With A Plunger – The Easy Way

How To Unclog A Toilet With A Plunger – The Easy Way

So, your toilet is clogged, right? I know how frustrating it feels when your toilet is clogged, everyone does. If the water from your bowl overflows and spills on the floor that makes it messy is definitely alarming.

No need to panic and don’t call a plumber yet. In fact, this can be easily fix and most clog can eliminate with a plunger. This plumbing problem is common to every household, you’re not alone.  

However, most of the time people don’t know what is the proper way to eliminate those clog.

In this article I’m going to show you the correct and easy way to unclog your toilet. All you need is the appropriate plunger for this task.

Yes, you read it correctly, the appropriate plunger. Why you need one?

Because, there are two types of plungers for different plumbing fixtures. In fact, there is minimal chances or none at all you can solve your toilet clog with the wrong plunger.

The Sink Plunger

Most often people are using the sink plunger or commonly known as the cup plunger to unclog their toilet that doesn’t work. It is a rubber cup with a dome shape that comes in a flat end.

The cup plunger works perfectly with kitchen sink, shower floor sink and bath tub sink but never with the toilet. The flat bottom end feature of this plunger sealed the floor so that the air can flow forcefully to push the clog underneath.

However, using it on your toilet doesn’t seal the bowl due to the fact that it is not a flat surface. As a result, no air can flow on your toilet trapway to push down the clog.

The Toilet Plunger

The toilet plunger or a flange plunger is the right tool to unclog your toilet. To give you a perfect vision of it, the cup in the toilet plunger is physically taller compare to a sink plunger. In addition to that, it has an extension cup on top of it which is called the flange.

Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger

The extension cup or the flange perfectly fit into the hole of any toilet bowl. Together with the larger cup this creates a perfect seal on the toilet hole so that no air can pass through it thus, creating a powerful push that removes the clog.

Two In One

The good thing about the toilet plunger is that it can also be used as a sink plunger. How? The flange in the toilet plunger can be fold and use it to your sink.

Okay then, that’s all for the plunger let us now do the job. The following easy to follow steps is the key to successfully unclog your toilet.

Step 1

Add enough water on the bowl for about half full. Or maybe at this point of time your toilet bowl is filled with water due to clog. In this case, you don’t need to add more water in it. This will ensure a proper seal on the opening of the toilet plunger.

Step 2

Fully extend the flange cup of the toilet plunger.

Step 3

Put the plunger into the bowl trapway opening. Let the cup fills with water so that it will increase the pushing force you apply into it. Properly position the plunger to fit the flange into the toilet trapway until the dome cup seals around the hole.

Step 4

Grasp the plunger handle as much as possible using your both hands. Then forcefully push down the plunger and pull up in rapid motion to send sufficient pressure.

The main objective here is to generate repetitive force to push down and remove whatever the cause of clog underneath the drainage.

Note: while doing this procedure be sure to not to break the plunger seal around the bowl trapway.

If it appears like there is no pressure transferring from the plunger unto the hole it is most likely that there is no proper seal and the plunger is in the wrong position. Just reposition the plunger until you get the right seal.

Step 5

Repeat the plunging motion if necessary until the water into the bowl goes down.

Step 6

Flush the toilet and it will probably back to its normal flushing action without the clog.

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