HOROW Small Toilet – Ideal For Tight Space Bathroom

HOROW Small Toilet – Ideal For Tight Space Bathroom


The HOROW Dual Flush Small Toilet is presented in a compact design which is ideal for tight space bathroom. However, it will look tiny if you place it in a huge bathroom due to its small size.

This toilet features with highly efficient flushing system that uses small amount of water that never sacrifices its performance.

To further save you from water the HOROW Small Toilet features a dual flushing system. It allows you to choose from light or heavy flushes.

The HOROW Small Toilet comes in a very simple, generous, bright and lively highly personalized design that perfectly suit any contemporary bathroom motif. Its fully glazed appearance adds to its elegant looks and provides healthy living as well.

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Powerful Flush Every Time

The HOROW Small Toilet features a powerful flushing system that removes huge amount of waste in every flush. This makes it possible with its siphon flushing design and keeps the bowl clean all the time as well.

In addition to that, the HOROW Dual Flush Small Toilet features a 2-inch fully glazed trapway that easily secures the waste without stain. As a result, the toilet is guaranteed no clogs and no leaks.

Advantage Of Dual Flush

The HOROW Small Toilet features a dual flushing system that gives you huge advantage as opposed to a single flush toilet. A dual flush toilet enables you to choose between heavy and light flushes.

For removing bulk of waste a heavy flush button will take care of it. While the light flush button is more than enough for small waste and urine.

Water Saver

Dual flushing system gives you freedom to choose between light flush and heavy flush that saves you further water. Compare to any traditional toilet which inclined to waste more water as it always flush maximum amount of water even for light waste.

The HOROW Dual Flush Small Toilet heavy flush consume only 1.5GPF (Gallon per Flush) of water while as little as 1GPF for light flushes. As a result, you can save thousands of gallons of water every year that surely cuts your monthly water bill.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning your toilet is frustrating especially if many sticky waste are present in the bowl, right? Not with the HOROW Small Toilet, because it comes with feature that keep the bowl clean all the time. This makes it possible with its fully glazed appearance that prevents the waste from sticking on the bowl.

In addition to that this toilet comes in a one-piece design for super easy to clean. It doesn’t have any complicated contour and hard to reach surface due to unwanted corners.

Keeps Your Family Safe

The HOROW Dual Flush Small Toilet keeps your family safe and healthy due to its fully glazed surface. It prevents the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface that can be harmful to everybody’s health.

Simple To Install  

The HOROW Dual Flush Small Toilet is super easy to install so that you don’t need to pay for a plumber. It comes with the standard 12-ich rough-in so that it perfectly fit when replacing your old clogging toilet.

This toilet provides an easy to understand installation manual that makes it easy for you to install even if you have a very limited bathroom space.

Top Quality Materials

Though, the HOROW Small Toilet comes in a very cheap price it is made of top quality materials. This one-piece toilet is made from Vitreous China like other expensive toilet out there that will last for many years of continuous usage.

Seat Cover Included

The HOROW Dual Flush Small Toilet includes a slow down seat cover so that you don’t need to buy it separately that will cost you. The Slow Down Seat Cover is made of hardened plastic for added durability.

It features a soft close lid so that it literally slows down as you lower the lid to prevent unwanted injury and prevents those annoying slam sounds. This is ideal if you have kids at home that keeps them safe all the time.

What’s In The Box?

Whenever you buy the HOROW Dual Flush Small Toilet you also get the pre installed toilet seat, wax ring, side cover and floor bolts that will save you money from buying it separately.

For easy and fast installation the package includes an easy to read and understand instruction manual. This will guide you through the process of installation.

Product Review

Product review helps us to decide the purchase due to its actual performance based on customers who already using it.


This toilet flushes very well.

Installation is a breeze and fits perfectly on small spaces.

It looks great in my guest room. The porcelain has a very nice finish and flawless white.

It has a modern design and perfectly fits in our bathroom.

The toilet sit is also nice and it close quietly.

It uses small amount of water for you to save more.

The delivery was as expected and has a very good service.

They include a floor mount hardware and the wax ring.


Some complains about its plastic seat that seems flimsy but, not a big deal for them because you can buy a good quality seat on it.

The physical dimension is too small for other customer which looks dinky when installed in a huge bathroom.

Bottom Line

This toilet is highly recommended by customers and says you can never go wrong with it. >>Click Here to read more customers’ reviews.


The HOROW Dual Flush Small Toilet delivers excellent flushing performance that leaves the bowl spotless. With that kind of flushing power, it is surprisingly quiet. Having the freedom to choose between light and heavy flushes saves you more water.

With its fully glazed surface cleaning this toilet super easy so that gives you more time to do other work. Installation is simple so that anyone can finish the job even without plumbing experience.

If the looks could be a deciding factor in choosing your best toilet the HOROW Dual Flush Small Toilet perfectly complements any bathroom design.

The inclusion of the slow down toilet seat greatly adds to its value while most toilets don’t include one. With so much goodness in it, the price it offers is too low to pass on. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!