Galba Small Toilet Review

Galba Small Toilet Review

The Galba Small Toilet is ideal for tight space bathroom. It will surely captivate anyone who takes steps into your bathroom with its finest European style that will suit your modern luxury home.

The Galba Small Toilet is not only all about looks and style but it poses powerful flushing system. It comes with dual flushing system to further save you water.

Its 12-inch rough in is a universal standard that will fit in all types of toilet. This is great if you’re thinking for an upgrade thus replacing your old clogging toilet.

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Powerful Flush Anytime

The Galba Small Toilet features a powerful flushing system that removes maximum bulk of waste in just a single flush. It comes with a larger 3-inch wide flush valve as opposed to the traditional 2-inch wide valve.

It gives you the advantage of flowing huge water volume that resulting in a powerful push thus removing even the largest waste on the bowl. With so much power in it this toilet is surprisingly quiet.

Its fully glazed concealed trapway provides a 2-inch wide that prevents any possible clogging. The Galba Small Toilet exceeds the Maximum Performance testing that proves its unparalleled performance.

It is also a WaterSense certified High Efficient Toilet that uses small amount of water for maximum flushing power.

Dual Flushing System

Need to save water?

The Galba Small Toilet comes in a dual flushing system. As I mentioned earlier, it will saves you further water by using the half flush for light waste. For heavy waste it consume 1.6 GPF (Gallon Per flush) while only 0.8 GPF of water for light waste.

Finest Materials

The Galba Small Toilet is made of finest materials that makes it top quality toilet so that it will stay in good shape for many years. The body is made from Vitreous China in one piece toilet for fast assembly and easier to clean. Its glazed surface never scratches, rust, fade or discolor that remains unblemished for years to come. Its smooth sided design is made to eliminate the crevices for fast and super easy to clean.

Total Comfort

The Galba Small Toilet provides total comfort so that anyone who sits in there enjoys his stay. This makes it possible with its elongated toilet bowl and seat that leaves more room for you.

Its comfort height makes it easier to stand and sit in there which is ideal for elderly persons.The all new improved toilet seat made of hardened plastic provides extra comfort when sitting in there.

It features a slow closing design that prevents accidents and those annoying slam sounds. The toilet seat is included in the package so that you don’t need to buy it separately.

Customers’ Review

The Galba Small Toilet receives an excellent review of 4.6/5 stars at that proves its great performance. The following statement are customer’s feedback from this toilet.


An outstanding toilet for tight bathroom. It performs as a full size whenever you’re in there.


Its dual flush performs well than all my toilets before.

It has a powerful flush and silent though it is a tiny toilet. You can adjust the power of the flush and level of water. With small amount of water, it flushes powerfully.


I finish installing it in 30 minutes. The package provides everything so that you don’t need to buy it separately.

Love this model because it provides all the necessity to install it compare to other same size toilets.

The Seat:

The seat features an easy disassembly for fast cleaning and the soft close is amazing.

The soft close seat is sturdy

Customer Service:

The customer service is outstanding

The Issue

I find it uncomfortable for me with the seat when I’m leaning on it. This was simply solved when I replace it. >>Click Here to read more customer’s Reviews.

Watch the video to discover how powerful the Galba Small Toilet is…


The Galba Small Toilet delivers outstanding performance and meets the customers’ expectation.

The looks and built is just perfect for your modern bathroom motif. It fits in tight space bathroom and being a dual flush toilet it saves you water that cuts your monthly water bills.

Its flushing power is awesome that removes everything inside the bowl in a very quiet operation.

If you are searching for a top quality built toilet with small design to fit on your tiny bathroom this is definitely a worth to own. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!