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Having a great performing toilet doesn’t need to be pricey, right? This is proven by the Toto CST405MF#01 Rowan Toilet as it delivers the best flushing system without overspending. It features a dual flushing system that gives you the freedom to choose between light and heavy flushes.

The Toto CST405MF#01 Rowan Toilet Review gives you an insight of this amazing toilet that helps you decide to buy one if it satisfies your needs.

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Dual-Max Flushing System

The Dual-Max Flushing System feature from Toto gives you the power to remove maximum bulk of waste in just a single flush. It doesn’t matter if it’s a heavy flush or light flush it brings tremendous amount of power with the Dual-Max.

For light flushes it consumes only 1GPF (Gallon Per Flush) of water while 1.6 GPF for heavy flushes. As a result, the Dual-Max Flushing System saves you further water compare to other standard single flush toilet.

WaterSense Compliant

The Toto CST405MF#01 Rowan Toilet is a waterSense compliant that contributes to a greener environment. By implementing an optimum water efficiency on this toilet, it helps you to save water for healthy environment.

Highly Decorative

This two-piece round front bowl toilet features a highly decorative design that perfectly compliment any modern theme bathroom. Its high profile tank with two push button on top flushing activator makes it easier for you to flush, as opposed to the side lever.

Universal Height

The Toto CST405MF#01 Rowan Toilet comes with a universal height design so that anyone can enjoy its comfort. This makes it suitable for grown up and elder persons with disability problem so that sitting and standing in this toilet makes it easier for them.

What’s Included on the Package?

The Toto CST405MF#01 Rowan Toilet includes the close coupled round front bowl and tank set. The tank cover, fittings and the chrome plated button is also contain on the package. It comes with standard 12-inch rough in for fast and simple installation. However, the SoftClose seat is not included in the box though, it can be upgradable with minimal cost.

Toto CST405MF#01 Rowan Toilet Review

The Toto CST405MF#01 Rowan Toilet receives an outstanding customer’s review with 4.7/5 stars at Amazon that proves it great performance. Here’s one of the most helpful customer’s review has to say,

“Started off buying one as I remodeled my bathroom. My contractor thought it was an excellent toilet and the price for a Toto was excellent. On doing the guest bath, purchase another. After that I purchased 2 more for my contractor for customers.

It sits higher off the ground than what I had, which we really like. If you’re looking for a great toilet at a great price this is it. Works great. Looks great….” >>Click Here read more customer’s review.


The Toto CST405MF#01 Rowan Toilet is truly a great performing toilet as it is proven by customer’s who actually bought and use it in real world. If the looks could be a deciding factor its highly decorative design perfectly satisfies your needs.

Despite of its powerful Dual-Max flushing system it surprisingly quiet so that it doent disturb anyone who’s sleeping late night. Aside from that, having a dual flushing system gives you the advantage to save thousands of gallons of water every year. The comfort it gives is superb as it comes with universal height that makes it easier to sit and stand on the toilet.

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