Looking for powerful flushing toilet with modern touch?

The Toto Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet Review deserves a hard look.

This two-piece toilet comes with many features that gives you total comfort and easy to use.

The Toto Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet demonstrates its universal design by giving you great experience every time with exceptional elegant bathroom blueprint.

If you want to save water, the toilet dual flush feature enables you to save thousands of gallon of water every year.

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Dual Flush Advantage

The Toto Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet features a dual flushing system that gives you more advantage. A dual flush toilet enables you to choose between heavy and light flushes.

For removing bulk of waste a heavy flush button will do the job. While the light flush button takes care of small waste and urine.

Having a freedom to select between light flush and heavy flushes saves you more water. While other conventional toilet tends to waste water as it always flush maximum amount of water.

The Toto Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet heavy flush consume only 1.6GPF (Gallon per Flush) of water while as little as 0.9GPF for light flushes. As a result, you will save thousands of gallons of water every year and cuts your monthly water bill.

Compact Design

If you have limited bathroom space the Toto Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet comes in a compact design that provides you with more room.

Thanks to its slim tank design that makes your bathroom looks spacey. The overall slender toilet design not only provides more room but, greatly adds style to any bathroom motif.

Keeps The Bowl Clean

If you truly value your time the Toto Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet comes with features that keep the bowl clean any time. It features an excellent rim wash so that every time you flush it removes the dirt that sticks to the bowl.

The extra large fully glazed trapway with 2.13-inch diameter accommodate maximum bulk of waste so that it leaves nothing on the bowl. The fully glazed feature prevents the waste from sticking on the bowl thus making it super easy to clean. Though, the toilet design is presented in two-piece it is surprisingly simple to clean.

Total Comfort

The Toto Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet gives you total comfort every time you’re sitting in there. Its elongated bowl provides more room for comfort especially for men. The standard height makes it easy to sit and stand to anyone even shorter person.

WaterSense Certified

The Toto Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet is a WaterSense certified that enables the user to save more water. Aside from its D-Max dual flush feature it uses small amount of water to flush huge waste that delivers excellent water efficiency.

If you’re still using the vintage toilet with 3 to 6 gallons per flush, just imagine how much water you’re wasting.

Built To Last

The Toto Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet is built with top quality material using Vitreous China. This product is manufactured in the United States of America that ensure its superiority and toughness that last for many years to come.


The Toto Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet earns the top rated dual-flush toilet due to its flushing ability. Its high water efficiency enables the user to save water and cuts their monthly water bill.

Toto’s customer service are top notch and very helpful to all customers.Though, few customers have issues in installing this toilet while others disagree and find it a DIY.

If the looks would be a primary concern for your modern bathroom design, you surely love the Toto Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet. Another area that it stands out is its compact design that will provides space to your bathroom. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!