If you’re looking for a powerful toilet that can save you water, the Caroma Caravelle Toilet is perfect for your needs. A dual flush toilet gives you an options to use small amount of water for light flushes while other conventional single flush toilet uses the same amount of water in every flush.

With this kind of feature, you’ll definitely save up to 80% of water and greatly reduce your monthly water bill. If you’re looking to save money, I found that Amazon has offering the biggest price discount while I’m searching for the Caroma Caravelle Dual flush toilet. Click Here to learn more.

Advantage Of Dual Flush

For heavy flushes it consumes only 1.6 gallon of water and 0.8 gallon for light which is more economical than 1GPF compare to its counterpart. One piece toilet has the advantage for easy cleaning than two piece toilet, if you truly value your time this will save the day.

Top Quality Materials

That being said, this toilet is made of top quality materials from Vitreous China, it has a very nice glossy surface with elegant looks for easy dirt removal and stays clean for a longer period of time.

Powerful Flush

The Caroma Caravelle toilet is not only about saving water; it has a powerful flushing ability in a small volume of liquid that doesn’t sacrifice its performance. It’s got the highest efficiency that can remove huge amount of solid waste in a single flush.

This makes it an ideal for domestic and light commercial applications. Thanks to its fully concealed large trapway that makes it impossible to clog even for years of frequent usage.

Excellent Performance

It earns a high customers review of 4.5/5 stars to prove its quality. People who actually bought this toilet say’s its better than any other and even at half flush mode (0.8 GPF) it gets all the waste down, just imagine how much water you can save with this kind of efficiency.

A fantastic toilet that is comparable to 3x more expensive and unbelievably ends up better than the rest. Some use it for 4 years and never have a problem and stays clean every use with very low maintenance. The right height makes it very comfortable and its narrow design is ideal if you have a limited space bathroom.

Others were thrilled how easy to setup the toilet is. Even a novice can completely install it with ease and can be done with a single person using an easy to follow instructions guide, you don’t need to call a plumber to fix it for you.

Some minor issues that few customer are complaining about is the smell, this has to do with the seal at the base and not the toilet itself. A simple removal of these will solve the problem.

Main Features

Dual-flush system that gives you an option for light flushes compare to single flush

High efficiency and powerful flushing system that can totally remove waste even with light flush

Large fully concealed trapway that makes it impossible to clog

It consumes only 1.6 or 0.8 GPF that can save you up to 80% of water

Made of finest materials from Vitreous China that comes in a very elegant looks and stays clean for a longer period of time

Easy to install, anyone even without knowledge in plumbing can get the job done

Right height makes it comfortable to all members of the family

The narrow design can fit to any bathroom especially if you have limited space


The Caroma 989646W Caravelle One-Piece Dual-Flush Toilet not makes you only a winner in saving water but, also a total performer that leaves you clogs free for years. The price it offers is absolutely affordable, its high efficiency flushing system is better than its high-priced counterpart.

On the negative side of it, a dual flush requires an additional rate for maintenance but, the water you can save on it totally outrun its cost. Unfortunately, toilet seat is not included on the package however, you can get it for less than $25.

This toilet perfectly suits those who are looking to save water with having an options for light flushes and truly value their hard earned money. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!