If you’re looking for a highly efficient dual-flush toilet that can save you water, the American Standard H2Option Siphonic dual-flush Toilet is worthy to consider. It features a Siphonic flush action technology that employs small amount of water while it doesn’t sacrifice its performance.

A dual-flush action toilet gives you the advantage to save water further than conventional single flush, it uses only 1GPF of water in a light flush for liquids and 1.6GPF for heavy solid waste. This is being controlled by a dual-flush actuator on top of the tank for convenient usage.

As I mention before, the H2Options is powered by the Siphonic Action Technology that receives the highest Maximum Performance rating, it is capable of removing 1,000 grams of solid waste in a single heavy flush and 400 grams of waste for light flush. Surprisingly, with this kind of power and efficiency it’s unbelievably quiet when flushing; it doesn’t disturb someone’s sleeping at night.

This toilet features a PowerWash Rim. By feeding the water into the rim chamber coming from the tank and trapping the air inside of it creates pressure and release in special configured rim holes thus rubbing the bowl for a complete wash; as a result, it removes the stain and leave the bowl clean.

In addition to that is the Jet-Powered Siphon, some part of the water was diffused directly into the bowl trough a bowl jet. With this kind of technique, the siphon instigates a push and the pull on it will evacuate the substance from the bowl. This kind of action allows the water level maintain throughout the flushing process, it promotes a cleaner and dirt free content.

As always, all American Standard toilets are treated all over with EverClean Surface. A good looking gloss surface is painless to clean and stays that way for a longer period of time. This includes a silver-ion additive into its materials that prevent molds, mildew, algae and fungus that may cause weakening and discolorations. Even for years of continues usage, this toilet stays in top shape that leaves you worry free.

Installing the H2Option is a breeze; it features a user friendly Speed Connect system for quicker setup. This saves you as much as 30 percent of your time, thanks to its factory pre-installed bolts and grommets for easy connections.

Customer’s Review

Great Dual Flush Toilet By A. Chen “fromwisota” Los Angeles, CA

“This toilet comes in 2 pieces with no toilet seat which is fine because I just got standard round ones from Home Depot. I ordered 3 toilets. 2 in bedrooms and one in a guest washroom which gets a lot of use.
They’re performing wonderfully. There’s not the problem I used to have where I’d have to flush twice to clear the bowl. Also, I know I’m saving a lot of water.
The toilets are pretty quiet and easy to use. I’m not worried about waking my neighbor when I flush like I used to with my other low-flow toilet. There’s also no problem with water kicking back like I’ve heard with other toilets either. I’ve been using them for a little over a month and love them!” >>Click Here to read more customer’s reviews.


Performance wise and water saving the American Standard H2Option is definitely dependable. This toilet packs with features that you surely love for a longer period of time. The company is giving generously 5-year warranty that gives you a peace of mind.

Installation is a breeze but, it doesn’t provide the wax ring or bolts on the package that secures the toilet on the floor. However, you can buy it locally at cheap price; this is just a small inconvenience that almost doesn’t matter to its greatness.

This toilet is ideal for those who are looking to save water when a light flush is required and a powerful flushing power with bulk of waste is needed to remove. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!