Dometic 300 Series Toilet Review

Dometic 300 Series Toilet Review

The Dometic 300 Series Toilet is available at a very low price for you to enjoy the same comfort and features from your household toilet while you’re on the RV.

This toilet comes with a standard height equivalent to your home toilet for overall comfort which is hard to find in other RV toilet.

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Powerful Flush

The Dometic 300 Series Toilet features an easy flushing system yet powerful. It removes heavy waste in just a single flush. This makes it possible with its gravity flushing system that offers powerful triple jet action so that it removes waste completely.

This gravity toilet features a drop way ball and valve system that secures the waste every time it flushes.

Easy Hands Free Flushing

The Dometic 300 Series Toilet features an easy hands free flushing for added sanitary benefits. The flush is being triggered by a highly efficient ergonomic foot pedal and adjustable water level for complete hands free operation.

Water Saver

The Dometic 320 Series Toilet saves you water which is crucial if it requires you for long journey. It features an extremely low flush technology that uses only 1-pint or 0.5 litter per flush. This will definitely save you huge amount of water.

Total Comfort

The Dometic 320 Series Toilet provides total comfort to anyone who sits in there. It features a standard height which is equivalent to your regular home toilet. As a result, standing and sitting there makes it easy for you especially for elderly and disabled persons.

It comes with elongated toilet bowl for your added comfort. The same as the residential toilet style bowl that leaves you more room especially for men alike. Unlike any other smaller RV toilets its deep ceramic bowl outshines its comfort ability.

Super Easy Installation

The Dometic 300 Series Toilet features an easy installation process. The 300 series toilet from Dometic replaces any standard RV toilets with four bolts and angled two bolt styles for simple installation.

Assembling it makes it easy with its two-bolt installation that includes a quick access water connection. It provides an easy serviceability with modular components which is readily available. Dometic includes a two-year protection plus warranty for your added peace of mind whenever you buy it.

Toilet Seat Included

The Dometic 300 Series Toilet includes a toilet seat so that you don’t need to buy it separately that saves you money. It comes with new plastic full size elongated bowl seat for added comfort feel. It perfectly contoured to your body provides relaxing feeling every time you sit in there.

Customers’ Review

The Dometic 300 Series Toilet receives an outstanding review of 4.3/5 stars from Amazon that proves its great performance.

The statement below are customers’ feedback based on their experience in using this toilet.

One customer complains about why he cannot give a six star on this toilet. This RV toilet amazingly flushes which is comparable to a water tornado.

Installation is super easy all you need is a connector hose. It is physically lightweight and the taller height provides total comfort.

Very easy to flush and removes everything on the bowl. Delivery was fast and brought exactly what we need according to one reviewer.

It delivers great value considering its price and performance. The customer service was great.

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The Dometic 300 Series Toilet shows outstanding performance as it is proven by customers who already using it. The flushing power is amazing that uses very small amount of water.

Its standard chair height provides comfort to anyone especially with elderly persons with knee problems. Installation is dead simple so that anyone can finish the job even without any plumbing experience.

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