Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT Toilet Review

Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT Toilet Review

The Sanicompact is a self contain macerating toilet which is design to fit in tight spaces where ordinary toilets can’t.

This makes it ideal to install in various locations of your home such as basement, attic, ground floor, upper floor, stairway, bedrooms and even at your garage.

Anyone can fix it with its dead simple installation process thus saves you money from hiring a professional plumber.

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What is in it?

The Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT Toilet doesn’t need an external water tank since its flushing mechanism is already built inside the toilet and completely electric powered. The SANICOMPACT is not only for toilet waste but it also accommodate your wastewater from the sink.

Its internal mechanism consists of .3 Horse Power having 3,600 rpm that runs with 110v to 115v 7.2Amp AC electrical supply. With this kind of power it can easily eliminate maximum bulk of waste. After flushing you’re completely done within 10 to 15 seconds.

It requires only 1-inch diameter discharge pipe line. It can transfer waste with vertical discharge effectual up to 9-feet and horizontal discharge effectual of 100-feet. The toilet’s physical dimension is 15.75 x 14.5 x 18.25 inches that perfectly fit in any limited space bathroom.

How It Works?

Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT Toilet doesn’t require a tank which the flushing action and the macerating pump cycle are fully automatic when you press the flush button. It is located on the top of the bowl that consists of air switch for fast and painless operation.

The Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT Toilet permits only 1-gallon of water to pass through the toilet every time you flush. Its flushing mechanism is fully electronically timed that performs the entire action.

For super easy installation the back elbow of the Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT Toilet can be rotated at 360-degrees that fit in any installation angle requirement. There’s a built-in non return valve on the discharge elbow that prevents the back flow into the unit.

This toilet is a forced main that doesn’t require to be vented and connected to a vent stack while other fixtures need to be vented. Though, the SANICOMPACT is highly recommended for the macerator/pump to be connected to a ground fault interrupter circuit.

Water Saver

The Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT Toilet is designed to save water. It consumed only 1-gallon of water per flush which is very efficient and it doesn’t sacrifice its performance.

It can powerfully remove maximum bulk of waste in just a single flush. That being said, you can save thousands of gallons every year that will sure cut your water bill.

Quality Component

The Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT Toilet is built with top quality component. It consists of Vitreous china polypropylene, stainless steel and neoprene construction that stays in good shape for years to come.

The toilet comes with modern design with a very stylist seat that will perfectly blend in any type of bathroom blueprint.

Customers’ Review

The Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT Toilet receives an excellent review of 4.2/5 stars that proves its great performance. The following are feedback from customers who bought and use it in real world applications.


This toilet works perfectly. I have it for five years and the only repair I made was the valve. Actually, you can easily remove it and re-use it after cleaning.


It is super easy to install. I fix it by myself perfectly even I’m already 64-years old with disability


This is an ideal toilet for a small bathroom. We refuse to destroy our flooring to install a toilet and this is the perfect solution to what we are looking for.

Noise Level

It works quietly and it is just the pump that I can notice.


I’m very pleased that I owned this. I highly recommend it and I gave it a five stars rating. If you don’t have any drainage get it and it’s got the real value for your money. >>Click Here to read more customers reviews.

Watch the video for its complete installation process…


The Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT Toilet is performs well and provides solution to consumer with limited bathroom space and doesn’t want to dig their basement.

In fact having the Sanicompact is a lot cheaper than doing some remodeling with your bathroom. Installation is easy even a disabled customer proves it.

Though, some are complaining about the manual. Customers are suggesting that the toilet seat should be the last to be installed. The only disadvantage I found in here is that, it doesn’t work if the electric power is gone. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet Kit Review

SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet Kit Review

If you’re planning to build a complete bathroom but refuse to dig down to your basement, the SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet Kit provides excellent solution to your problems.

The SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet Kit is relatively cheap compare to ripping up your basement floor.

The SaniPLUS Advantage

The beauty of SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet Kit is it installs a complete bathroom up to 15-feet below the sewer line and up to 150-feet away from soil stack.

The SaniPLUS pump is designed to connect not only the toilet but also any Sink, any Shower and any Bath that completes your bathroom needs.

“Worth buying. It solved our bathroom problem with fast and simple installation process.” By Amazon Customer.

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Innovative Functions

The SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet has been certified to pass the American and Canadian standards and macerating standard as well that proves its excellent effectiveness. With its innovative functions it is now possible for you to install a complete bathroom without any tedious and expensive structural work.

How It Works?

The SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet consists of pressure chamber that causes to start and stop the unit. Inside of it is a motor that drives the stainless steel macerator blades and the pump as well.

When the toilet flushes the water that flows into the SaniPlus triggers the microswitch in the pressure chamber that causes the motor to start. The motor is sealed in oil filled enclosure permanently that stays in good shape for longer period of time.

The spindle drives the impeller and the macerator blades directly so that moving parts are minimal that may complicate its operation. The macerator blade rotates at 3,600 rpm that reduces to slurry the water and waste matter that enters the chamber.

The force it creates causes the solids to reduce and to be cast out into the grill then the container where it is to be pickup by the impeller pump which is mounted beneath the motor.

The pump produces an equivalent of 10 PSI that pumps the waste matter in upward direction of 15-feet or up to 150-feet in horizontal direction.

After discharging the effluent the water level goes back to normal that causes the micro-switch deactivates the unit.

The entire process takes only 15 to 18 seconds depending on the discharge pipe run configuration while the power consumption is kept to nominal level.

The SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet is not only limited for toilet waste, it can also handle gray water waste coming from other sanitary fixtures such as hand basin, bidet, bath and urinal.

Simple Installation

The SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet provides another two inlets for your other sanitary fixtures discharge via 1.5 inch inlets. You can use either one or both of them to maximize its usage.

The discharge elbow on top of the unit can be simply adjusted to the left or to the right depending on your desired discharge installation.

For total simplicity, it comes with only four connections. The center hole is connected directly to the toilet and the two holes on top is for other fixtures while the bottom hole is for the outlets.

The SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet automatically adjusts the input rate from its other sanitary fixtures though; it always gives the priority from the discharge coming from the toilet.

This makes it possible a simple float mechanism. In case the bath and the toilet discharge at the same time the water coming from the toilet stops the water from the fixtures for a few seconds until the waste from the container subsides.

This causes the float to open the valve and the discharge coming from the fixtures resumes and next to be dealt with.

ADA Compliant

The SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet is an ADA compliance that gives you total comfort while sitting on the toilet bowl. Its additional height provides painless sitting and standing on the toilet that greatly benefits the elderly and persons with knee and back problems.

Rigid And Elegant Design

The SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet comes with elegant design in white color that perfectly blends in any bathroom motif. The unit is made of well selected materials from Vitreous China, Polypropylene, C.R.P., Stainless Steel and Neoprene that stays in top shape for longer period of time.

Water Saver

The SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet is designed to save water. It uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush (GPF) which is by far less than any conventional toilet with 3.5 to 6 (GPF).

That being said, you can save thousands of gallons of water every year that tremendously reduces your water bill.

What’s Included In The Box?

The SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet kit includes the macerating bathroom pump, white toilet bowl, white toilet tank and an optional extension for behind the wall installation.

The package also includes a SaniPLUS manual and simple to follow step-by-step installation guide. The kit is backup with 1-year warranty and top of the line customer service that is always ready to help you.

Customers’ Review

The SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet Kit receives an almost perfect review from with 4.8/5 stars that proves its excellent performance. The following are feedback from customers.


We have created a bathroom where it is impossible to build but we did with this toilet. It performs much better than what I expected. Definitely will purchase another one.

We use it for more than five years and works flawlessly. I definitely recommend it!


Installing it is super easy just what most people have said, I did it alone. An outstanding toilet.


Buying this is relatively cheaper than ruining your home flooring. It looks beautiful.

Customer Service

Outstanding customer service and very helpful to back up their wonderful toilet. They are fast in responding to my query. >>Click Here to read more customer’s review.

Watch the video of the SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet to learn more…


The SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet Kit delivers great solutions to households that need a complete bathroom that doesn’t required expensive structural work.

Its simple installation process makes it possible to anyone to setup without experience needed.

The design is excellent and saves you water in the long run. Customer service is top notch that is always available to help you.

Its excellent performance is proven by customers who are using it. It brings more features on the table that adds to its value. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!