Camco 41531 Portable Toilet Review

Looking for highly portable toilet?

If you’re frequently traveling, a portable toilet is definitely a must. The Camco 41531 Portable Toilet is purposely designed for campers, RV enthusiasts, boaters and other recreational activities. It is the first thing you’ll ever need whenever there’s a call of nature, right?

The Camco 41531 Portable Toilet is the smaller tank version of the Camco 41541 Portable Toilet. If you need a more compact design and cheaper as well, this definitely fits the bill.

The Camco 41531 Portable Toilet Review gives you an idea about the product’s key features, performance and drawback if any.

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Extremely Portable

I’m pretty much sure no one wants to carry their toilet on the camp ground. The Camco 41531 Portable Toilet is extremely portable that weights less than 10-pounds.

With its compact physical dimension of 12.5″H x 16.25″W x 14.5″ it can simply fit in your car trunk. That being said, you can take it anywhere and plan your next destination.

Smaller Tank, Easier To Manage

The Camco 41531 Portable Toilet features a smaller 2.6 gallon holding tank which is easier to manage. The holding tank is detachable that greatly adds to its manageability and portability as well.

You can simply remove the tank from the toilet for fast waste removal and use it again in no time.

Rugged Design

The Camco 41531 Portable Toilet is made of top quality polyethylene material for its rugged construction so that it stays in good shape for longer period of time. Take it anywhere without worrying of where to pee or poof.

Easy To Use

The Camco 41531 Portable Toilet gives you total comfort every time you’re sitting in there. It features a comfort height so that sitting and standing makes it easier to anyone. The tank is fully fixed on the toilet so that it firmly secure on its proper place.

If you hate those bad smells, the Camco 41531 Portable Toilet tank is firmly sealed so that you can breathe nothing but fresh air. Thanks to its sealing valve feature that locks in the tank that protects it from any leakage and preventing the waste from spillage as well.

For fast and easy way to remove the waste from the bowl, the bellow types flush and pull slide valve takes care of it and leaving the bowl clean every time. The Camco 41531 Portable Toilet includes the TST biodegradable toilet chemical for easy and fast way to dispose the waste.


The Camco 41541 Portable Toilet surpasses the customers’ expectation with its outstanding performance. It delivers total comfort to anyone who travel frequently and give them peace of mind.

Its remarkable features deliver more value on the table as it dead simple to use. That being said, the price it offer is too low to ignore a high quality and dependable portable toilet. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!