TOTO UltraMax ADA Review

If you’re one of those who always experiencing clogged in your toilet, it’s time for you to know about the TOTO MS854114SL-01 UltraMax ADA. This toilet is built with the powerful G-Max flushing system, much better than the Power Gravity system to make sure what comes down stays down. The TOTO UltraMax is a water efficient toilet that can flush up to 700 grams of waste, exceeding the average 250 grams with other toilets.

With this kind of power, a single flush is enough to remove all that waste without the need to double flush it. Despite of its power, this toilet flushes quietly without too much whoosh sound. A larger glazed trapway with 2-1/8 inch diameter causes the water to draw into the bowl more quickly that creates a greater force thus prevents it from clogging.

In addition to that is a 3 inch valve design resulting in a quicker water release and quieter flush. An extra large siphon jet generates an unparallel flush power for more efficient single flush system. Having all these great features, the TOTO UltraMax consumes relatively small amount of water, with only 1.6 Gpf or equivalent to 6 Lpf. This will help you saves water and cuts off your water bill.

TOTO is the world leader in toilet products, with more than 90 years of experience to give you only the best. The TOTO UltraMax is one of their top product as well as a best seller with its advance features. This is a one piece toilet with good looking design that will perfectly match your bathroom motif. It comes in four different colors that may suit your own taste; these are bone, colonial white, cotton white and Sedona beige.

This toilet is made of high Gloss Polypropylene materials, it is very resistive to chemicals and cleaning agents to make sure your toilet stays in good shape for many years to come. This results for easy cleaning, the dirt can be easily removed that causes germs, with minimal effort. A softClose seat is included, a perfectly contoured design for your maximum comfort while you’re sitting there. This also eliminates that slam sound whenever the toilet seat and lid is dropped.

This toilet is easy to install. An easy to read manual is included to guide you through the installation process. Top tightening mounting bolts are provided to ensure its easy installation. A smaller design is perfect that looks your bathroom wider and more space.


A very good looking in a sleek design one piece toilet that comes in many color to chose from that will perfectly match your bathroom motif

Low water consumption of only 1.6 Gpf or equivalent to 6Lpf that will surely cut your water bill

The G-Max flushing system is very powerful as well as quiet, using an extra large siphon jet for one-flush action to make sure what goes down stays down

Built with High Gloss Polypropylene materials which is high resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents, this makes your toilet stays in good shape throughout the years

Easy to clean, gently removes dirt without causing you the sweat, much better compare with the 2 piece toilet design

This includes a SoftClose seat which is made of high impact plastic, with a perfect contour design for your maximum comfort while sitting there

It also reduces the injuries and totally eliminates the slam sound with the SoftClose lid, excellent if you have children at home

It uses a 3 inch flush valve compare with other brands with only 2 inch, this results in a faster and powerful flushing system

ADA compliant that makes it safe for elder and disabled person, the addition of 2 inch design in height makes it easier for them reach, sit and rise with this toilet

Top tightening mounting bolts are provided to ensure its easy installation

Customer’s Review

The TOTO UltraMax earns an almost perfect rating, proving it to be one of the best toilet products. Here is one of the customer has to say about this great toilet,

nice toilet By arjayes , July 21, 2011

“One-piece toilets are sweet. Look great, easy to clean. I bought an almost identical Toto Supreme II toilet (MS634114CEFG) about six months ago. That one has the 1.28 GPF Double Cyclone flushing system which I found to be too weak in the flushing department. The Ultramax (reviewed here) has the 1.6 GPF G-Max flushing system that works much better. Both great toilets, but recommend going with the better flushing system of the Ultramax. >>Click Here to read more reviews.


The TOTO UltraMax proves to be one of the best toilets you can have, this will surely solves your clogging problems and say good goodbye to them forever. Consumers are happy after purchasing this wonderful toilet. If you’re thinking of a high efficient, powerful and water saver toilet you can count on the TOTO UltraMax.

On the negative side of it, although ADA gives us a total comfort with its additional height, consumers should be aware that it doesn’t feels the same way with shorter person. Another thing is that it sounds a bit louder than average toilet, this is due to its powerful flushing action that leaves other behind. This is just minor issues that simply overrun the benefits of it.

The famous plumber, Terry Love picks this as his favorite having the best water efficient toilet. With all of these, there’s no other reason why this is one of the best selling toilet in the world. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!