TOTO MS863113E-01 Eco Supreme One-Piece Toilet Review

Anyone who’s looking for elegant, powerful flushing system and low water consumption the TOTO MS863113E-01 Eco Supreme have all these characteristics. The TOTO Eco Supreme looks elegant in a low profile one piece toilet with a 12inch rough in for easy installation.

TOTO is world leader in toilet for over 90 years of experience they continuously bring state of the art toilet related products with the highest quality standard. A 15-inch height seat gives you the maximum comfort while sitting there.

The toilet is available in round and elongated that comes in different color so that it will perfectly match your bathroom motif and your color preference from bone, colonial white, cotton white and beige.

Powerful Flushing System

The TOTO MS863113E-01 Eco Supreme is equipped with a powerful E-Max Siphon Jet flushing action system. It features an oversize 3 inch wide flush valve which is larger than the conventional 2 inch flush valves. This includes a 2-1/8 inch computer designed fully glazed trapway for a totally clogged free toilet. Surprisingly, with this kind of power it flushes quietly, it doesn’t disturb anyone sleeping at night.


The Eco Supreme toilet is very economical, it consumes only 1.28GPF (gallon per flush) of water which is far less than the older toilets that consume 6-7GPF. Imagine how much water you can save with this toilet, this will definitely cuts your monthly water bill. This toilet is highly water efficient; it has an equivalent power of the G-Max flushing system but offers 20 percent more water savings compare to other 1.6GPF rival.

Comfortable Seat Included

The TOTO Eco Supreme is bundled with the SoftClose seat which is made of very durable polypropylene materials that ensures its toughness. This is especially molded design that perfectly contours your body for maximum comfort. This also comes in an anti slid design that prevents it from slipping while you’re sitting there.

The TOTO SoftClose seat is excellently design that totally removes those annoying slam sounds; it also reduces the accidental injuries for a safer environment. This is great if you have children at home. The seat and lid is built with specially design hinge system that slows down as it lowers down the bowl seat.

Easy Installation

The TOTO Eco Supreme is easy to install. An easy to follow instruction manual is included that will guide you through the installation process. Everything you need is provided, from tank cover, fittings and chrome plated trip lever are all included. After the installation you can now enjoy a clogged free toilet and less water consumption that promotes an eco friendly environment.

Key Features

Powerful E-Max flushing technology that get rids of waste in a single flush, what goes down stays down

Elegant look in a low profile one piece toilet

It features an oversized 3-inch flush valve which is larger than the conventional 2-inch valve and 2-1/8 inch computer designed fully glazed trapway that creates a powerful flushing and secures a clogged free toilet

Low water consumption of only 1.28Gpf that will surely cut off your water bill

Quiet flushing system that doesn’t disturb anyone sleeping at night

SoftClose seat is included that saves you from not buying it separately,

The softclose seat totally eliminates those slam sounds and reduces the accidental injuries

An especially contoured design seat with anti skid pad for more comfortable sitting


If you’re one of those who always experienced clogged in your toilet, it’s time for you to end it up with the TOTO eco Supreme toilet. With its powerful flushing system everything goes down in a single flush while other requires 2-3 flush before they get rid of those solid wastes. The TOTO MS863113E-01 is ideal for those who are looking for low water consumption toilet with very high efficiency. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!