8 Best Bidet Seat For Toilet: Reviewed

8 Best Bidet Seat For Toilet: Reviewed

What A Best Bidet Seat For Toilet Does?

A Bidet toilet seat will take your cleaning experience into next heights. This will drastically increase your hygienic level that you never want to go back to use a toilet paper again.

However, there are many types and brands of bidet for toilet seat that may seem to give you a hard time to pick which one is the right one for you. This is the reason why we pick the best bidet seat for toilet so that you can easily choose what will suit your needs.

We will give you some of the best features of every bidet seat for toilet that will surely meet your basic cleaning requirement. To provide you an honest review, we will include the pros and cons of them so that you should be aware of their strong point and weakness.

What Is A Bidet Seat?

Most people are mistakenly knowing what a bidet seat really is. A bidet seat main purpose is to simply clean yourself after your poof. Most Americans are using the traditional toilet paper to clean themselves which is not hygienic. This will cause you irritation and may lead to some bacterial disease which is dangerous to your health.

Using a state of the art technology for bidet seat for toilet is the healthy alternative to clean up yourself automatically with your own preferences of various settings. Some setting you can do are the water temperature, seat temperature, water pressure, dryer and many more. A bidet seat is attached to your regular toilet at home so that you can seat on it and takes care of you for cleaning.

What Is The Best Toilet Seat Bidet?

The following list are the best toilet seat bidet you can have depending on your preferences and budget of course. If you have the money to spend I strongly suggest the Toto bidet line of product. Those are top performer, pack with features and provides you with unmatched self-cleaning experience.

TOTO C100 Bidet Toilet Seat

TOTO C100 Bidet Toilet Seat

The TOTO C100 Bidet Toilet Seat is the overall best seller for many good reasons. With its affordable price you can get so much care and self-cleaning at your command. A heated seat will give you an immediate comfort the moment you seat on it. There’s nothing beat the feeling of warm in a cold winter day.

Before you use it, the TOTO C100 Bidet Toilet Seat will automatically premist the bowl that prevents the waste from sticking on it. This will keep the toilet bowl clean all the time as a dry bowl will easily adhere the poop. 

After you poop there’s an adjustable self-cleaning wand to clean you from rear to front. You can adjust its temperature and pressure according to your preference. This wand will clean itself before and after you use it to ensure total your hygiene. After it cleans you a warm air dryer will get back your dryness again. To remove those foul smell an air deodorizer will take care of it.    

The TOTO C100 Bidet Toilet Seat is made from top quality plastic and well made for excellent durability. Installation made it easy for you so that anyone can finish the job without paying a plumber. The package includes mounting and connection hardware to further ease your installation process. To match your toilet color and bathroom motif the bidet is available two variants from cotton white and Sedona beige.


Outstanding features such as heated seat, bowl premist, adjustable pressure and temperature self-cleaning wand, air dryer and deodorizer

Solid construction and quality materials

Super easy to install

Easy to operate with the remote directly mounted beside the bidet seat

Ideal for seniors and people with mobility problem

Neatly priced

The manual was clearly presented for easy understanding

Basic tools are included


The bidet seat is a bit shorter for tall person

No memory settings for your own preferences >>Click Here to check the price!

TOTO S550e Bidet Toilet Seat

TOTO S550e Bidet Toilet Seat

Another best-selling product is the TOTO S550e Bidet Toilet Seat that offers you with complete spa treatment self-cleaning experience. It features a five changeable settings for temperature and pressure on front and rear wand. This will surely capture your exact cleaning needs in just a simple push of a button.

The new TOTO S550e Bidet Toilet Seat introduces the eWater+ technology that automatically sprays the bowl to cleanse it before and after you use it. By using an electrolyzed water, it will securely remove the harmful bacteria to keep you safe while retains the cleanliness of the bowl for less frequent cleaning. The eWater also use to clean both the inside and outside of the wand for total sanitation before and after usage.

An endless heated water stream supply provides you with instant soothing feeling whenever you need it. This makes it possible with the tankless water system design feature while keeping it simple. As you approach the toilet, the lid will automatically open and close when you leave. This is definitely a good addition especially when you’re in a hurry when a call of nature arises.

Another promising feature of this amazing bidet is the illuminating night light. It will provide you a clear vision and ease of use when everything is completely seen. Whenever you have a problem with your bathroom lightning system the night light will save your day.

A warm air dryer will take care of your dryness after it cleans you. No need to worry about the bad smell as the air deodorizer removes it entirely. This fully automated bidet toilet seat comes in a modern design that surely looks fantastic on your bathroom.

Unlike with the Toto C100, the S550e Bidet toilet seat features two user memory settings. This allows you to store your own personal setting preferences.


Provides you with more advanced features compare to the C100 such as the pre-heated seat, bowl premist with eWater+, 5-settings for adjustable pressure and temperature self-cleaning wand, air dryer and deodorizer

eWater+ supply for more hygienic and healthier

Cleanse the wand with eWater+

An infinite supply of warm water anytime you need it

More powerful water pressure for more effective cleaning

Automatic open and close lid

Illuminating night light for better visualization

Warm air dryer for fast drying action

Made of top quality materials and solidly built

Installation process is dead simple

Perfect for people with disability for total self-care

Fashionable design that blends wonderfully to any type of bathroom motif


Though, the air dryer is hot it seems like less powerful. The fact that, it doesn’t have space for a huge motor to install it.

A bit pricey but definitely worth every penny >>Click Here to check the price!

TOTO K300 Bidet Toilet Seat

TOTO K300 Bidet Toilet Seat

The TOTO K300 Bidet Toilet Seat is another worthy to own for your self-cleaning care. It offers more advanced features compare to C100 but lesser than the S550e. Of course, you will pay a premium for its additional functions but Toto keep it on the minimal side.

There are four additional features that the K300 offer compare to the C100. The first is the 5-adjustable temperature and pressure. Secondly, tankless design that provides you with instant unlimited heated water supply. Thirdly, a softclose lid and lastly, the remote control is hand held and not attached on the toilet bidet seat. It’s nice to have these additional premium features if that could be helpful according to your needs.


It has the basic features like the C100 such as heated seat, bowl premist, air dryer and deodorizer

Five adjustable pressure and temperature self-cleaning wand

Solid construction and quality materials

Installation is simple

Easier to operate with a handheld remote rather than looking beside a fix mounted control

You can Pre-set your own preferences

Slim design and not bulky that doesn’t add any height on the bowl

Additional features provide more benefits for seniors and people with mobility problem

Tankless design for instant unlimited heated water supply so that you never complain if it runs out of pre-heated water

Softclose lid feature which is safer for your children at home and never get slam

Easy to follow instruction manual

Basic tools are included for fast installation

Fast-release bidet seat for easy cleaning


The dryer takes long to dry you as most of the problem with bidet >>Click Here to check the price!

ALPHA JX Bidet Toilet Seat

ALPHA JX Bidet Toilet Seat

The ALPHA JX Bidet Toilet Seat is a cheaper alternative to Toto’s K300 but, offers the same level of self-cleaning experience. It features a tankless heated water for no worries limitless supply when washing yourself. It comes in a low profile design for additional comfort and not the bulky bidet that occupy more space to your toilet.

As you sit on this bidet it gives you a soothing hot seat with adjustable temperature to choose from that will suit you best. When you’re done your thing the wand will takes care of you with front and rear wash for thorough cleaning. The adjustable self-cleaning nozzle uses an aluminum material as opposed to Toto’s plastic nozzle design.  

There’s a built-in LED night light which help you to see everything at night. It has a light sensor to that it will automatically glow if it senses a dark environment on your bathroom. To minimize its electrical usage, the bidet features a power saving mode during idle condition.

The bidet is built tough in fact it can handle up to 300-pounds of body weight. You can also sit on the top of the bidet lid without breaking it. There’s an air dryer that will dry you after it cleans you.

The unit features an air pump that creates bubbles and works in tandem with the water stream for a better clean-up and provides a very relaxing feeling. Being a tankless, the company is claiming to save you up to 40-percent of water consumption than any bidet with tank system.

That being said, the Alpha JX bidet toilet seat operates quietly that doesn’t distract you during the entire cleaning process. That was all controlled by a user friendly handheld remote. To make it even simpler to use, this bidet has an auto programed using the “Easy Wash” button on the remote that do it everything for you.

When activated, it delivers the maximum water pressure for optimum cleaning effectivity. This is ideal if you want to clean that way. Another special button is the “Wash and Dry” That will automatically perform the full wash from the rear and afterward the full drying cycle. However, for others who doesn’t prefer it can always use the manual operation.


Heated Seat and Air Dryer with adjustable temperature settings

Easy to use handheld remote control with “Easy Wash” and “Wash and Dry” pre-set functions

Durable construction and you can sit on the bidet lid

Tankless design for unlimited warm water supply

Illuminates the bathroom with LED night light through a light sensor

Slim design that adds to its looks and to your comfort

Rear and front wash to accommodate both male and female user

Aluminum self-cleaning nozzle wand

No slamming Softclose lid

3-year warranty


No Premist and deodorizer feature >>Click Here to check the price!

SmartBidet SB-2000 Bidet Seat For Toilet

SmartBidet SB-2000 Bidet For Toilet

The SmartBidet SB-2000 Bidet for Toilet is another great contender that doesn’t break your bank. A Korean made electric bidet that comes in a highly durable build that can handle up to 330 pounds of body weight. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big guy it will definitely give you peace of mind when you’re sitting in there.

A soothing heated seat can feel at the moment you sit in there. The heated seat can be adjusted in three different settings with skin sensor that can be activated or deactivate. A five settings adjustable water pressure that you can choose for the right amount of cleaning power. This heated water spray has three level of temperature adjustment and a five different nozzle position to perfectly directed it to your right spot.

After it cleans you a warm air dryer will take care of you with five levels of setting to choose from. To save you from electricity there’s an energy saving mode feature. A soft closing lid and seat will prevent it from slamming while it gently lowers the cover. You don’t need to hire a plumber to mount this bidet seat due to its simple and fast installation process.


A skin sensor heated seat with 3-level settings

Heated air dryer with 5-level adjustment

Sturdy that can handle up to 330-pounds of body weight

Self-cleaning nozzle with 3-adjustable area back, front and feminine

5-adjustable water pressure setting and 5-adjustable water temperature

Energy saving feature

Soft closing lid and seat

Handy remote on the right side of the seat

Easy installation process

Made in Korea


No bowl premist and deodorizer

Heated water is limited with its holding tank design >>Click Here To Check The Price!

TOTO A100 Bidet Toilet Seat

TOTO A100 Bidet Toilet Seat

If you’re looking for a TOTO quality bidet seat for toilet at a lower price the Toto A100 should be on your top lists to consider. This bidet toilet seat doesn’t have those extra features that you may not need and presented in just a simple basic function to clean you up.

Of course, it has three settings of heated seat which basically needed during cold season. Before the wand performs your cleaning it will first clean itself. Afterward, it will spray a warm water to clean you with state of the art Air-in wonder wave technology with powerful yet gentle stream of water.

This works when the water is inserted in the air to expand the droplets thus resulting in an ultimate cleaning capability without hurting you. It is made with top quality materials for durability like every Toto bidet.

It comes with two color to choose from to perfectly match your toilet and bathroom. This unit also features a Softclose lid and seat to prevent injury and slamming sound. Installing it is super easy and a quick release seat feature makes it simple to clean and fast.


Three settings for heated seat

Self-cleaning wand with rear, front and feminine wash

Adjustable heat and water pressure

Air-in wonder wave technology for excellent cleaning capability

Outstanding built with quality materials

Highly suitable side panel remote control

SoftClose seat and lid

Easy to install with basic tools included

Quick release feature for simple cleaning

Lower price


No premist, no air dryer, no nightlight and deodorizer >>Click Here to Check The Price!

Brondell Swash 1400 Bidet Toilet Seat

Brondell Swash 1400 Bidet Toilet Seat

The Brondell Swash 1400 Bidet Toilet Seat offers the best luxury you can get from your spa like self-cleaning experience. It is jam packed with features you want in a bidet that can match the Toto’s high end washlet with half the price. As you sit on it, an adjustable warm heated seat will give you soothing feeling.

Let’s start with its two programmable user settings that enables you to store your personal preference in cleaning yourself. There is also a one-touch auto mode button that let you choose from rear, front and both. This will automatically clean you in just a single push of a button, how simple is that?

It provides you with non-stop heated water spray supply with its tankless design. Having four water temperature settings and water pressure are adjustable with seven nozzle position to directly hit your perfect spot for cleaning. This makes it possible with its stainless steel nozzles with nanotechnology sterilization to ensure your health and optimum cleaning.

The new Brondell Swash 1400 bidet toilet seat delivers tremendous improvement over its previous Swash 1000 model. This includes its modern looks in sleek and slimmer design making it more appealing and comfortable. Another thing is the concealed pocket design to hide the power cord and water connection for neat and less clutter connection.  

In this new model they introduce a nice looking blue nightlight to keep you lit at night time and a changeable deodorizer to stay it fresh. After it cleans you a warm air dyer function will put you back on dry state. Installing this bidet is straightforward that anyone can do with few simple steps to follow. The unit is backup with 3-year warranty to secure your purchase.


Adjustable temperature heated seat

Two user programmable settings

Hand held slim remote control

Stainless steel nozzles with nanotechnology sterilization

Seven nozzle cleaning position

Tankless design for non-stop heated water spray supply

Auto clean button for fast and simple cleaning

Sleek and slim design

Replaceable deodorizer

Cool blue nightlight

Concealed pocket for power cord and water supply connection

Warm air dryer

Easy installation process

Sturdy Softclose lid

Bowl premist

3-year warranty


The seat is slightly forward on the front but can be adjusted backward if you have a two-piece toilet with a further tank. >>Click Here to Check The Price!

Luxe Neo 120 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Luxe Neo 120 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

If you don’t want to spend more on a bidet a non-electric mechanical is a way to go. You should consider the Luxe Neo 120 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment as it is the all-time best seller in this category. Being a mechanical non-electric bidet you don’t have a problem with an electrical outlet to your bathroom because it doesn’t require one.

Having a very simplistic design, it is available in less than $35 which anyone can afford to have a hygienic self-cleaning bidet. In fact, having this can save thousands of toilet paper which is more the price of this simple bidet. It comes in smooth design in chrome knobs with top quality materials for durability. It is built with an internal high pressure faucet to ensure your total cleaning procedure. It comes in just two knobs on the panel to make it super easy to use.

To make it more secure from leaks it provides you with a steel braided hose as opposed to the regular plastic hose. For added sanitation you can select a self-clean for nozzles before using it. Then afterwards it will retract back to its original position after every usage.

The good thing about this bidet is that it fits most of the toilet on either a one-piece or two-piece. Every tools you will need and all the bidet parts are included for installation for you to start using it in no time. It will take you minutes to completely mount due to its simplicity of installation procedure. Detaching it is also simple for easy cleaning purposes. This product is backup with 18-months warranty and customer service for your peace of mind.


Powerful water pressure for superb cleaning

Self-retracting nozzle

Self-cleaning nozzle

Easy to install

Simple to operate with only two knob on the side panel

No electricity is needed

Affordable price

Top quality materials for durability

Backup with 18-months warranty and customer service


No heated seat, cold water spray and single nozzle only with no front wash for female. >>Click Here To Check The Price!

If you want a bidet with frontal wash you can check out the Luxe Neo 180 Bidet

Can I add a bidet to my toilet?

Definitely yes! Most of the bidet available on the market today are compatible with the widest range of toilet. To make it sure, you should look first the dimension of the chosen product and compare it to your existing toilet if it fits properly. You can also call the customer service of the product to consult them first and ask for further assistance.

Do you wipe before using a bidet?

You don’t need to wipe yourself before using a bidet. It will take care everything to clean yourself at your own command using the remote control.

Is a bidet for a man or woman?

The bidet can be used for both men and women even the LGBTQ+ community can enjoy its self-care soothing benefits. 

How should you sit on a bidet?

You can sit on a bidet the same as your traditional toilet at home. However, you should avoid moving when it is time for you to clean to perfectly target your sweet spot for cleaning.

How to Use a Bidet Toilet Seat?

If this is your first time to use it or never had a chance to use it, I have to tell you that the bidet toilet seat is super easy to use. In fact, it is highly convenient to use that will treat you special in self-cleaning procedure in just a press of a button.

Approaching the toilet

Most advanced bidet has an auto open and close lid. So, when it senses you it will automatically open for you and it will close automatically when you leave. If it doesn’t have that feature, you should have to open it manually by yourself.

Sitting on the bidet toilet seat

You will experience a soothing feeling when you start sitting on the bidet seat as it provides heat in it. You can set the temperature on the remote control to your own liking. Some bidet such as Toto products have premist feature that will automatically spray water on the bowl to prevent your waste from sticking on it. However, for non-electronic bidet it doesn’t have these function. While sitting on it, you can now do your thing in there.

Cleaning yourself

When you’re done, you may want to push the “Wash” button on the remote to start your cleaning procedure. Some bidet’s remote control is attached on the seat which is typically on your right hand side. Some are mounted on the wall nearby for you to easily pick it up and operate it.

Washing action

Initially the nozzle of the cleaning wand was hidden inside the bidet and it will fully extend whenever you push the “Wash” button. It will first perform the self-cleaning wash to sterilize itself before using. Then it will position according to your settings to wash you from rear to front.

You should keep steady and don’t move throughout your cleaning procedure. This will avoid to overshoot or out position the spraying of water to target the right area for cleaning. Again, the target area, water pressure and the temperature can be set on the remote according to your own preferences.

Modify your own settings

Some high-tech bidet enables you modify your own personal settings and store it on the memory. This will automatically remember all your settings in a single push of button for fast action. If it doesn’t have that feature, you can set it manually every time you use the bidet.

Finishing off

When you’re done cleaning you can simply push the “Stop” button then the nozzle will perform a self-cleaning and retract back to hid underneath the bidet. Now, it is time for you to dry. Just press the “Dry” button to enable the air dryer. For other premium bidet offers a hot air dryer for fast drying.

However, most bidet dryer takes you long time to dry. If you don’t have that patience you can pat yourself with a toilet paper first before performing the blow dry. Then you’re done.