American Standard Champion-4 Toilet Review – How Powerful Is It?

If you’re always having a clogged toilet problem, the American Standard Champion 4 will give you the solutions you’re looking for. How? It achieves the highest bulk removal rating to prove its efficiency, as you read further you’ll discover more of it. As you already know, American Standard is well known as one of the top producers of the best toilet.

The Champion 4 is design to bring you the highest performing toilet, this makes it possible with its widest trapway that measures 2-3/8 and a 4 inch flush valve. This is the industry’s largest flush valve having the advantage of pouring massive volume of water that will flow rapidly on the bowl that resulting is a very powerful flush.

To give you some idea how powerful the Champion 4 is, a four inch flush valve opening is three times faster water release compare to a standard 2-inch flush valve and twice with those having a 3-inch.

A 2-3/8 trapway is the largest you can have; it can remove 40 percent more mass compare to a 2-1/8 inch and 70 percent than the standard 2-inch trapway. Aside from its very powerful flushing system, surprisingly it consumes only 1.6 GPF of water in contrast with the older 3.6 GPF. This will definitely save you more water that cuts your bill.

The Champion 4 belongs to chinaware lineup made of vitreous china or fire clay to give you the best quality and style. This features a permanent EverClean surface on both tank and bowl for easy dirt removal and stays clean for a longer period of time.

This involves a silver-ion additive mixed into its materials to protect it from mold, mildew, algae, and fungus that could cause deterioration or staining even after years of continues usage. In addition to that is a fully glazed finished trapway that eliminates streaking and keeps the bowl dirt free.

This two piece toilet looks great in white color design that will certainly match most bathrooms in either your home or commercial establishment.  It measures 16.5 inch rim height for easy access in elongated bowl form. It has a fast connect tank/bowl coupling system for quick installation. Every unit was fully flush tested in factory before it will ship to its customer and backup with a 10 year worry free warranty to prove its toughness.

Product features

The most powerful flushing system you can have with the industry’s largest 4-inch valve for an entirely clogged free toilet

High efficiency with low water consumption in a 1.6 GPF (Gallon Per Flush), it can remove more than 70 percent of solid waste in a single flush compare to other toilet

Made of EverClean Surface with silver-ion additive that prevents the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria

Easy to clean and it stay clean for a longer time that doesn’t cause you sweat

Easy to install that includes a fast connect tank/bowl coupling system without any leaks anywhere

Customer’s Review

To share with the most helpful customers’ review, here is what he has to say about this great toilet.

Nice for me, but not for all By G. Fein

“New tank works perfect and no leaks and flush mechanism functions as promised thou I have not attempted to flush a bucket of golf balls.

I’m 6’1″ with 34″ inseem and I wanted the taller toilet as I hate feeling like I’m sitting so low. The RH is great for me and I figured the extra 1.8″ height wouldn’t be a big deal for the family (wife is 5’7″ and my 4yr old) but apparently the girls really dislike “how tall” this potty is. Oh well…there are two other standard height models in the house for them!! Just thought I’d mention that this is a nice product but the RH is not for all.” >>Click Here to read more reviews


The American Standard Champion 4 is proven to be the most powerful toilet you can have. A highly efficient toilet with an excellent engineering design in a 4-inch valve and a 2-3/8 trapway, this will surely remove the largest volume of waste in a single flush. With so much goodness in it, you can get it in a very affordable price.

However, I’d like to point out two aspect on the negative side of it, firstly, doesn’t come with a seat but, you can buy a good one at less than $25. Secondly, although the RH feels comfortable with taller person, it doesn’t feel the same way if you’re short. These minor drawbacks simply outrun the benefits of it. If you’re thinking of replacing your old clogging toilet, the American Standard Champion 4 is definitely a wise choice. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!