American Standard 2846.016.020 Titan Pro Review

The American Standard 2846.016.020 Titan Pro Round Front Toilet with Triangle Tank is a perfect choice if you’re having trouble with your bathroom limited space. This will solve the problem if you want to avoid your knee bumping on the wall due to its restricted space as it will perfectly fit in any corner.

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Good Looks

The American Standard 2846.016.020 Titan Pro Round Front Toilet looks great with its triangular tank that will totally compliment your bathroom style for its classy design. This two-piece toilet is made from high quality vitreous china treated with high temperature to form a non-porous body for longer lifespan. It’s coated with ceramic glaze that is highly resistive to dirt for less frequent and easy cleaning.

Powerful Flushing System

This round front toilet is equipped with powerful Siphon Jetted action bowl that removes bulk of waste in just a single flush. This makes it possible with its 3-inch oversize flush valve compare to other ordinary 2-inch valve that will release the water from the tank faster thus creating a more powerful push that will totally remove the largest possible waste.

In addition to that is the large 2 1/8 inch fully glazed trapway that works in tandem with the flush valve that secures a clog free toilet. A fully glazed trapway repels the dirt that stays the toilet bowl clean all the time. As a result, the Titan Pro model toilet from American Standard receives the highest ranking for bulk of waste removal done by independent testing.

More Features Ahead

A color matched trip lever located on the side of the bowl makes a great combination on the toilet as opposed to other standard chrome plated in which other people finds it awkward. The toilet also features a chlorine resistant flapper that eliminates the problem it may cause in the future due to water additives.

Remodeling your toilet is easy because it provides an extended footing that covers your previous toilet marks without the needs of redesigning your bathroom flooring.

Water Efficient

With so much goodness we can get with the American Standard 2846.016.020 Titan Pro Round Front Toilet, surprisingly it consumes only 1.6GPF of water in contrast with the older model with 3 to 7 Gallon of water per flush.

However, consumer should be aware the fact that the toilet seat is not included in the package but, you can get a good one for less than $25. Another thing is that, it is not sold in California and Texas.


The American Standard 2846.016.020 Titan Pro Round Front Toilet receives a perfect score of 5/5 stars at Amazon review center that proves how great the product is. All of them were amazed with its brilliant design as it is the first toilet that gives solution for small bathroom spaces. >>Click Here to read more customers’ review

The American Standard 2846.016.020 Titan Pro Round Front Toilet is a good choice if you’re having trouble with your limited bathroom space. The toilet’s classy looks design compliments your bathroom motif thus provides more space while it seats on the corner. The Titan Pro toilet is available at a very affordable price that brings an excellent value to anyone who’s in need of a corner toilet. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!