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Looking for a corner toilet that will save you space?

The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet Review deserves a hard look. The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet is specifically designed for corners to save space on your bathroom. It perfectly fit in the smallest bathroom while leaving more space for your convenience.

The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet is packed with features that make your stay enjoyable with great looks that compliments well in any bathroom decoration.

“I needed a toilet for a corner and this one seemed to fit the bill. It looks very nice in the corner and has added more leg space in my very narrow bathroom.”

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Powerful Flush

The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet comes with powerful flushing system that removes maximum bulk of waste. It thoroughly washed the bowl every time you flush that removes the sticky dirt thus leaving the bowl clean all the time.

To prove its excellent flushing performance, the American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet receives the highest MaP possible score that removes 1,000grams of waste in a single flush. This makes it possible with its oversized flush valve feature with a 3-inch diameter.

As a result, the water on the tank will create a forceful push on the bowl that causes a powerful flush. This is why a 3-inch valve has the advantage over the conventional 2-inch valve found in most toilets.

EverClean Surface

The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet features an EverClean Surface to keep your family safe while the toilet stays clean all the time. With the EverClean surface it reduces the growth of stain, odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface of the toilet. As a result, it stays clean for longer period of time than other conventional toilets.

Right Height

The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet round bowl features a right height that brings comfort to anyone. A comfort height toilet adds an extra height compare to other ordinary toilet. It is comparable to a standard height chair that makes your sitting comfortable. This is ideal for elderly and persons with mobility problems.


The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet is made of top quality materials so that it will stay in good shape for longer period of time. With its Vitreous China construction it provides excellent durability which is harder to break and saves you time due to its easier to clean.

Water Saver

The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet is a highly efficient toilet that saves you thousands of gallons of water every year. It consumes only 1.6GPF (Gallon per Flush) of water as opposed to your vintage toilet with 3 to 6 GPF. If you still using the old toilet imagine how much water you are wasting.

American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet Review

The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet Review receives an outstanding appraisal of 4.8/5 stars at Amazon that proves its excellent performance. The following reviews are written by customers who actually bought and use it in real world.

Space Saver

Perfect toilet for a small space, Fit in my 3 ft x 3 ft bathroom. Corner placement gave us more room in our small bathroom.

We have a small bathroom. We chose this style while remodelling and am pleased with how placing this in a corner adds a dimension to the room that we are very pleased with. I would recommend this for any bathroom.

Comfort Height

It’s so cute too and sits a little higher than your regular standard toilet so it’s easier on the knees and my elderly mom who has knee issues LOVES IT.

Tall height is comfortable and it’s just plain a great toilet.


My contractor was dubious beforehand but now it’s his favourite new remodel to add a toilet to a tiny space – like under the stairs.

Flushing Power

Doesn’t have a “dual flush” button, but if you push lightly it just uses a bit of water and if you need a big flush, you just push harder/longer and it all flushes down.


What’s more, this toilet uses a 12 rough in — so it should be able to replace any standard pre-installed toilet. The triangle tank fits nicely in the corner of our bathroom.


Was packed very well, no damage. >>Click Here to read more customers’ reviews.


The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet brings excellent solution to your limited bathroom space. It is not just all about the size and its design but also provides excellent flushing power. The extra height feature offers comfort to anyone especially with elderly persons. Its standard 12-inch rough-in design makes your installation and bathroom remodeling easy. With so much goodness in it the price it offer is too low to pass on.

Bottom Line

“This is a great toilet if you need a corner toilet for a small bathroom. I did a lot of research on corner toilet options — and this was the cheapest one I could find with solid reviews. It did not disappoint.” >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!