American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Review

The American Standard Champion 4 Toilet gives you nothing but the most powerful flushing system with minimal water usage.

With its exceptional flushing power you will never have to use your plunger again. It gives comfort while sitting in there while its elongated bowl provides you with more room.

Its Everclean surface adds to its smooth looks and easier to clean as well. It is made of top notch materials for longer life span.

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Most Powerful Flushing System

Hate the clogs?

If you always have problems with clogs using your previous toilet from now on consider it solved. The American Standard Champion 4 Toilet is designed with the most powerful flushing system that removes maximum bulk of waste thus leaving your toilet clog free.

American Standard proves it when they achieved the maximum MaP score rating of removing 1,000 grams of waste in just a single flush.


The American Standard Champion 4 Toilet flushing system features the industry’s largest flush valve for absolute power that no one can surpass. By implementing a 4-inch wide piston action flush valve that pushes the water into the bowl three times faster compare to any standard toilet with only 2-inch wide.

This works in tandem the toilet’s siphon action bowl with direct fed jet to deliver extra power to its flushing action. In addition to that, the system also has the industry’s largest siphon outlet with 2-3/8 inch to complete its unmatched flushing power.

This extra wide fully glazed opening can remove 70% more massive waste compare to a standard 2-inch trapway.

Water Saver

The American Standard Champion 4 Toilet can save you thousands of gallons of water every year and definitely cuts your water bill. Considering its huge power flushing system it uses only 1.6GPF (Gallons Of Water) every flush. If you’re still using those vintage 3.5GPF toilets, imagine how much water you are wasting.

EverClean Surface

The American Standard Champion 4 Toilet features an EverClean Surface that keeps it clean all the time. With its revolutionary technology it prevents inhibits growth of stain, mold, mildew on the surface and odor-causing bacteria so that the toilet stays cleaner for longer period of time.

What is it for you?

This will also keep your family safe from germs that may cause harm to their health. If you truly value your time the EverClean Surface saves you more time from cleaning the toilet frequently.


The American Standard Champion 4 Toilet is constructed with durable and top of the line materials using Vitreous China so that it stays in good shape for many years to come.

However, customers should be aware the fact that the seat cover is not included in the package and sold separately. Though, you can buy a good one at a very low price.

Comfort Height

The American Standard Champion 4 Toilet comes in a comfort height design. It is equivalent to a standard chair height that makes sitting down and standing easier for people of all ages. This feature is ideal for persons with knee and mobility problem.

Elongated Bowl

The American Standard Champion 4 Toilet has an elongated bowl that adds to your comfort. It leaves more room to anyone who sits in there especially men alike.

One-Piece Toilet

The American Standard Champion 4 Toilet comes in a one-piece for simple and elegant design. This means that the bowl and tank is built together in a single construction. One-piece toilet gives you the advantage of fast and easy cleaning compare to a two-piece toilet with having more contours.

What’s In The Box?

Whenever you buy the American Standard Champion 4 Toilet the package includes the tank and bowl, trip-lever, Speed Connect tank-to-bowl coupling kit and bolt caps.

Other toilet provides only 3-year warranty while the American Standard Champion 4 Toilet is backed with a 10 year warranty for your total peace of mind.

Customers’ Review

The American Standard Champion 4 Toilet receives an outstanding review of 4.5/5 stars at that proves its excellent performance. The following statement below are based on customers’ feedback in their personal experience with this toilet.

The flushing power of this toilet is outstanding and you can drop a load from horse and it will all gone down, says with one reviewer.

The performance of this toilet is flawless, testified with one satisfied customer. He used it for 18 months and not even once occasion of clogging. It flushes down an envelope of toilet paper many times just to know how powerful it was.

The one-piece toilet appearance of it is more stylish compare to ant two-piece toilet. To test its reliability after two years of using it has zero clog and no plunger has ever visited.

The height provides comfort especially for taller person. The built of this toilet is of a high quality and it will last for many years.

The packaging is excellent and arrived with double box to properly secure it. As per the description it provides everything you need except for the seat.

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The American Standard Champion 4 Toilet proves that it got the best flushing power compare to any other toilet out there. This toilet is packed with features that make it comfortable to use such as the comfort height, EverClean Surface, one-piece toilet and elongated bowl.

The quality built of it is exceptional from inside to outside so that it will stay in good shape for many years to come. The package comes with everything except for the toilet seat and wax ring in which you can buy for a very low price.

However, some customer has found it difficult to install due to its heaviness and solidly built. Although, this is always be the case of a high quality toilet.

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