American Standard Baby Devoro Flowise Toilet Review, American Standard Toilet Reviews

If you’re looking for the right toilet for your child, the American Standard Baby Devoro Flowise Toilet could be a perfect solution to your problem. This toilet is purposely made for children with 10-inch height that suits every kid from 2-year old. It’s better to train your children at early age to develop their own proper hygiene.

“If you are a parent with a child who will not potty on plastic, or has a fear of step stools and potty ladders… perhaps hangs on for dear life and freaks out— this is the potty for you! I know there are only a few parents out there who would be willing to go this far, but it is well worth it if you do.”

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Highly Efficient Toilet

A highly efficient is vital in choosing your ideal toilet, right? This is what makes the American Standard Baby Devoro Flowise Toilet set apart from the other. It provides a low water consumption of only 1.28 GPF (Gallon Per Flush) that can save you thousands of gallons per year. This will drastically reduce your water bill compare to other vintage toilet that consumes more than 3.5 GPF.

Powerful Flushing System

The American Standard Baby Devoro Flowise Toilet delivers powerful flushing system for such a little amount of water without sacrificing its performance. It features an extra large flush valve that causes an extra push of water coming from the tank for optimum flushing power. As a result, it removes maximum bulk of waste in just a single flush.

This two-piece round front toilet features a Siphon Jetted action bowl for a cleaner flush that removes the dirt every flush. It stays clean all the time and less frequent of cleaning is required. A fully glazed trapway having a wider size with 2 1/8 inch secures a clog free toilet and prevents the dirt from sticking.

More Features Ahead

Made from top quality materials of Vitreous China that looks fantastic that compliments every bathroom motif

100% factory flush tested that secures its perfect working condition before shipping

Speed Connect tank / bowl coupling system for faster installation

Standard 10-inch rough-in size that perfectly fits in any toilet

Chrome trip lever for modern classy looks

2 color-matched bolt caps is readily available

FloWise model that features water saving toilet that makes it ideal for home and commercial purposes

American Standard Baby Devoro Flowise Toilet Review

The American Standard Baby Devoro Flowise Toilet receives an excellent customer’s review of 4.5/5 stars at that proves its great performance. The following statements are taken from customers who actually bought and use it in real world.

We are pleased with the purchase. Perfect size for our church’s nursery and the children love it and want to go to bathroom without any accident. Says with the most helpful reviewer. Just right for what we need in the pre-school – all public buildings should have one! Works very well and looks good!

It installs easy. It has all the tank workings pre-installed. It fits on your standard sewer pipe like other toilets. Also, it has great flush power. All you need to do is buy a seat, and a new wax ring for the bottom sewer connection. It fits both my six year old and three year old. I think it will be fine to keep for several years. I wish we got one long ago! Added with another helpful reviewer.

I put this in our extra bathroom for our 2 year old it does work well. The toilet itself does work well and seems to be high quality. >>Click Here to read more reviews.


The American Standard Baby Devoro Flowise Toilet is in no doubt an amazing toilet for your kids. It works well and safe on your child’s room that gives you an extra peace of mind. Its low water consumption is great if you’re looking to save water while its powerful flushing system removes huge bulk of waste in every flush.

Installation makes it simple for you with its fast connect features. Its 100-percent factory flush tested secures its perfect functionality when delivered right to your doorstep. Speaking of security, the toilet is back up with 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.

However, consumer should be aware the fact that the toilet seat is not included in the package. Though, you can purchase a good one at only $44. With so much goodness you can get from the American Standard Baby Devoro Flowise Toilet it amazingly available at a very affordable price that makes your child happy. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!