American Standard Town Square Toilet Review

American Standard Town Square Toilet Review

Anyone who’s looking for classic design toilet and low water consumption, the American Standard Town Square Toilet is ideal for your needs.

Its elegant looks perfectly compliment any modern style bathroom while its Flowise technology saves you thousands of gallons of water every year.

Powerful Flushing System

The American Standard Town Square Toilet delivers a powerful flushing system. It receives the highest possible flushing ratings from the recent MaP (Maximum Performance) test.

It can remove 1,000 grams of solid bulk waste in just a single flush. This shows that this toilet is extremely dependable that promises optimum performance in every flush.

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Highly Efficient Toilet

Using small amount of water to flush huge bulk of waste consider as highly efficient toilet. This is what the American Standard Town Square Toilet does.

It meets the strict EPA WaterSense criteria that use least possible water for ecological welfare.With tremendous flushing power it consume only 1.28 gallons per flush of water as oppose to those 1.6GPF conventional toilets.

This further saves you another 20-percent of water that can save you thousands of gallons per year. As a result, it greatly helps you to cut your monthly water bill.

Larger Flush Valve Design

Having a larger flush valve design gives you the advantage of creating a much powerful flushing system. It features a 3-inch opening flush valve that permits the water to enter the bowl rapidly to create a powerful flush.

It provides an 80-percent faster water flow compare to other standard 2-inch flush valve. In addition to that is the chemical resistant flush valve that prevents it from weakening to provide longer life span and less costly maintenance.

Stays Clean Every Time

The American Standard Town Square Toilet stays clean all the time with every flush. This makes it possible with its advanced technology feature called PowerWash rim that traps air inside the chamber thus creates a high pressure rim wash that meticulously clean the bowl.

As a result, it stays clean with every flush you made and saves you more time with less frequent cleaning.

Protects Your Family

For a mirror like finished it features an EverClean surface. The American Standard Town Square Toilet is treated from inside to outside of the bowl and tank with EverClean surface.

This one of a kind feature prevents the stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew that may endanger the health of your family.

With EverClean surface it’s easier to clean and stays clean for longer period of time while it always looks brand new that will last for years of continuous usage.

Right Height Comfort

Sitting on the American Standard Town Square Toilet gives everyone in the family a total comfort. It comes with a right height design so that anyone can enjoy their stay in the bathroom without tiring while seniors makes it easier for them to stand and sitting.

Slow Close Seat Included

The Duroplast slow close seat and cover are included in the package so that you don’t need to buy it separately to save you money.

The slow seat and cover prevents those annoying toilet slams that may cause injuries to your children at home.

It perfectly contoured to your body shape for optimum comfort while sitting in there. Its elegant design perfectly complements the toilet and your bathroom as well.


The American Standard Town Square Toilet performs well and captures the demands of consumers who are looking for a powerful toilet with less water consumption.

If the looks could be the main deciding factor, it definitely wins every heart. Assembling this toilet is super easy, even a non experience person can simply put it together.

Everything is included in the package including the Slow close toilet seat. The company is generously giving a 10-year warranty to protect your purchase which is definitely hard to beat. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!