American Standard Studio Toilet Review

American Standard Studio Toilet Review

The American Standard Studio Toilet is ideal for those who are seeking for powerful flushing and water saver toilet as well.

Its studio type design perfectly blends in any bathroom motif due to its modern and elegant style.

The good thing about this toilet is that you can save more space considering its slim type appearance thus, leaving your bathroom looks wider and spacey.

The American Standard Studio Toilet Review provides you with ideas about the toilet’s performance and key features to help you to decide if it satisfies your needs.

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Benefits Of Dual Flush Toilet

The American Standard Studio Toilet features a Dual Flush so that you can cover more benefits out from it. Dual Flush toilets gives you the freedom to choose between heavy and light flush while single flush toilets leaves you more wasted water.

The heavy flush consumes 1.6 GPF (Gallon per Flush) that removes those bulks of waste in just a single flush. On the other hand, the light flush uses only 1.1GPF of water for light waste that provides another 21-percent water saving.

As a result, you can save thousands of gallons of water every year that tremendously have an impact on your water bill.

Extra Power Flushing System

The American Standard Studio Toilet provides remarkable power flushing system that uses less water volume for optimum water efficiency.

This is probably the main concern of every American Standard toilet so that it doesn’t compromise its performance.

The American Standard Studio Toilet features an extra wide flush valve that provides a faster water release from the tank to the bowl to creates an extra power flush that removes maximum bulk of waste.

This makes it possible with its 3-inch wide opening valve that provides an additional 80-percent quicker water release compare to any traditional 2-inch flush valve.

Stays Clean Every Flush

I guess no one wants their toilet to be dirty every time you flush, right? You can be sure a clean bowl all the time with the American Standard Studio Toilet.

This makes it possible with its pressurized rim that fills the bowl water chamber from the tank. This creates pressure inside with the trap air and releases on the rim holes to power wash and rub the toilet bowl.

As a result, a less frequent cleaning can be expected. If you truly value your time this one really saves the day.

 Clean And Safe To Use

The American Standard Studio Toilet features an EverClean surface that stays clean all the time and easier to clean as well. Its mirror like presence provides a better looks ads to overall cleanliness of your bathroom.

Another benefit of the Everclean surface is the treated silver-ion additive from outside to inside. It protects your family from any harmful bacteria such as mold, mildew, algae and fungus.

It also prevents it from deterioration and germ staining so that it stays in top shape even for decades of continuous usage.

Seat Cover Included

The American Standard Studio Toilet gives you a great deal by including the Duroplast Slow close seat cover. Most toilets don’t include the toilet seat that will cost an additional money.

The Slow close seat cover from American Standard is built for your total comfort that gives you pleasure while sitting there.

If you have children at home they will keep safe from any injuries causing by toilet slam due to its gentle closing action.

The seat cover features a concealed seat ring and easy lift for fast removal and re attachment which is great when cleaning the toilet.

Easy And Fast Installation

For fast and simple fitting there’s a two holes feature on this toilet. A standard 12-inch rough-in design makes it easier for you to install and even upgrading your old clogging toilet with this one is a breeze.

5-Year Warranty

The warranty in every product is vital, right? It secures your purchase so that you don’t waste every penny you paid for it.

The American Standard Studio Toilet is generously giving a 5-year warranty whenever you purchase this product. This is how the American Standard company take full confident with every toilet they made.


The American Standard Studio Toilet is probably one of the best dual flush toilet you can get. Its high efficiency low water consumption saves you more money.

Its powerful flushing system using the advanced technology design definitely solves your clogging problems.

This toilet comes with sleek and slim design leaves your bathroom more space while it perfectly blends in every motif for a modern feel.

The EverClean surface feature makes it easier to clean while it keeps your family safe from harmful bacteria.

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