American Standard Glenwall Toilet Review

American Standard Glenwall Toilet Review

This elongated toilet combines the tank and bowl that adds to its comfort and simple installation as well. The side mounted polished chrome trip lever is nicely placed for fast and easy flushing.

If you have a tight space bathroom this could be the perfect solution as it leaves more space. Its looks perfectly matched any bathroom motif from classic to modern.

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What Is In It?

American Standard provides quality bathroom fixtures for more than 130-years with unmatched legacy. The American Standard Glenwall Wall-Mounted Toilet is no exception, its solidly built provides years of quality performance and comfort to anyone.

It can easily install on your wall with absolute toughness and its modern appearance will surely transform your bathroom.

Powerful Flush

Hate the clogs?

The American Standard Glenwall Wall-Mounted Toilet features powerful flush that removes maximum bulk of waste in just a single flush. This makes it possible with its siphon jet flushing system that takes care of it.

To achieve this, it is required a working pressure of at least 25 psi. It features a fully glaze trapway dirt free so that it stays clean every time you flush.

An oversize trapway of 2-1/8 inch ensures a clog free toilet. The close coupled flushometer tank contributes to its simple and fast installation.

Water Saver

The American Standard Glenwall Wall-Mounted Toilet will save you thousands of gallons of water every year that surely cuts your water bill. It consume only 1.6GPF (gallon per flush) of water compare to your vintage 3.5GPF toilet. Though it uses small amount of water it doesn’t sacrifice its performance.

Total Comfort

The American Standard Glenwall Wall-Mounted Toilet is built for total comfort so that anyone who sits in there will surely delight. It comes with 14.5 inch comfort height that brings pleasure to those with sitting and standing issue.

This is ideal if you have disabled and elderly persons at home. Its elongated bowl leaves you more room for comfort while sitting unlike the rounded bowl with limited space.

Built To Last

The American Standard Glenwall Wall-Mounted Toilet is made of vitreous china that delivers absolute durability for long life.

This type of ceramic is fired with high temperature that forms a non-porous body coated with ceramic glazed. As a result, it stays in good shape for years and easier to clean as well.

Customers’ Review

The American Standard Glenwall Wall-Mounted Toilet receives an excellent review at that proves its exceptional performance.


I’m satisfied with this toilet than my previous one that requires me to flush twice. This one all it takes is just a single flush and the bowl entirely cleans up.


Installation is super easy.


The toilet delivered in excellent condition and in double package.

Water Consumption

I substitute this toilet with my older 6 GPF after trying another one that doesn’t work. Now I’m saving more water.

Noise Level

Almost you can’t hear it unlike any other toilet. I don’t any issue in it. >>Click Here to read more customers’ reviews.

Watch the video to see it in action…


The American Standard Glenwall Wall-Mounted Toilet delivers outstanding performance. It perfectly fit in any bathroom especially on tight spaces due to its wall mounted features.

Its low water consumption definitely cuts your water bill That makes it ideal to upgrade your vintage toilet.

Feature wise, it brings more on the table such as elongated bowl, fully glazed ballpass trapway, Pressure-assisted siphon jet action, Side-mounted chrome trip lever, Close-coupled flushometer tank. It delivers powerful flush and extra comfort to anyone.

Installation is a breeze so that anyone can finish the job even a complete novice in plumbing. This makes it possible with the speed connect tank/bowl coupling system. However, consumer should be aware the fact that it doesn’t come with seat and supply. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!