American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet Review

American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet Review

Anyone who’s looking for smooth, stylish design and reliable flushing performance you can count on the American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet.

Not only that, the American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet offers optimal comfort and ease of usage that makes your everyday life joyful.

This article gives you an insight of this amazing product from its key features, performance and cons if any.

The best thing about this toilet is that, it comes with a very affordable price.

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Stylish Design

The American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet features a very stylish design that may perfectly compliment any bathroom design. Weather you use it at home or commercial purposes it can easily match any bathroom motif.

Powerful Flush Anytime

The American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet delivers powerful flush anytime that removes maximum bulk of waste in just a single flush. The improved hydraulic design provides excellent power with elongated siphon action jetted bowl.

It consumes only 1.6GPF (Gallon Per Flush) in a direct fed jet and exceptional rim wash for total cleaning in every flush you made. It removes that sticky dirt on the bowl that may leaves harmful bacteria to keep your family safe and healthy.

A generous 9 x 8 water surface area gives more room for water to be flush forcefully. While the 2-inch flapper flush valve is being controlled by a water pilot valve for a highly reliable flush.

In addition to that is the extra large 2-inch fully glazed trapway that carries the entire waste out of the bowl faster without clogging.

Quiet Flushing

With so much power it can deliver, the American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet is surprisingly quiet. This is great if you don’t want to be disturb late at night.

Comfort Height

The American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet features a comfort height which is equivalent to the standard chair height that provides total comfort to anyone who sits in there.

This makes it ideal for disabled and elderly person at home so that sitting and standing is almost painless.

It also features a longer bowl design with 16 ½ inch rim size that adds to its ease of use. However, consumer should be aware the fact that the toilet seat is not included in the package.

Easy Installation

The American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet features an easy installation for fast and painless fixture so that anyone can finish the job. It comes with a standard 12-inch rough-in so that it will perfectly fit when upgrading from your vintage toilet.

This two-piece toilet provides a closed coupled tank with flat tank lid for simple attachment of the bowl and tank. Two color matched bolt caps are included and 100-percent factory flush tested to makes sure of its functionality.

The package includes a two year warranty for your peace of mind whenever you purchase the American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet.

Customers’ Review

The American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet receives a perfect rating of 5/5 stars at that proves its excellent performance.


The toilet arrived in great condition and well packed. An outstanding toilet it arrived on the said date. They have a good customer service and quickly delivered. Buy it!


It features an extra height which is perfect for a senior like me. It works great and has a big difference with my previous one.


This toilet uses small amount of water to save you with outstanding flushing system. This is much better compare to our previous toilet.


It appears to so beautiful.

Some Issue

The flush is for left handed and not the one that we bought. Though, it is not a big issue for me I’m getting used to it. >>Click Here to read more reviews.

Watch the video to learn more about the American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet.


The American Standard Evolution 2 Toilet has so much to offer on the table such as water efficient, comfort height, easy to install and quiet flushing system.

This all adds to its value considering a very low price. The only thing it lacks is the inclusion of the toilet seat. >>Click here to get it at its Lowest Price!