10 Things You Should Know In Choosing Your Toilet

10 Things You Should Know In Choosing Your Toilet

What To Look For A Perfect Toilet

Everyone knows how important the toilet in our home. We always make sure that we’ll have the maximum comfort it can offer to keep us safe and easy to use without any hassles. Some of these tips may help you to decide the best toilet that suits you.

The most popular type of toilet is the gravity toilet because, it has many advantage over the other type. It easily drops the water from the tank as you flush the switch. With all the gravity of the falling water from the tank, makes it the most convenient way to pull down your waste without any effort. This type of toilet design also has a quiet flush that doesn’t disturb anyone who sleeps at night as well as it doesn’t frighten your little child. It has a very simple mechanical device that makes it the easiest to repair, even without any knowledge about it can do. The gravity toilet also comes in a very affordable price

According to U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), a household toilet consumes almost 30 percent of total water usage making it one of the biggest wastes if not properly treated. Older toilet models consumes about 3.5 gallon of water per flush (gpf), replacing it with the newer version with only 1.6 gpf with higher efficiency that helps you to conserve water, this will also cutoff you’re your water bill.

10 Things You Should Know In Choosing The Best Toilet

1. Always consider a lesser water consumption, some toilet offers a higher efficiency with less than 1.6 gpf. This will help you to cut further your water bill.

2. Check for the flush performance including the flush mechanism. Performance can be measured by grams of solid waste removed in a single flush. This is important so that you don’t need to double your flush in most cases. Find reviews that that shows its performance, these are often measured by grams of solid waste removed per flush.

3. Consider its durability to serve you for years without any problems with low maintenance. Also look for the quality of its handle, Is it easy to break? Because, you can be amazed how many times you’re flushing it every day, every month or a year.

4. Easy to clean with less effort, does the bowl remain clean with every use? Maybe you don’t want to scrub your toilet frequently.

5. How comfortable you are with your chosen toilet? Consider its size and shape, oval or rounded. Is it the right height for the entire family? Do you want to add some luxury in it for additional comfort?

6. Materials being used. Does it match with your bathroom style, design and color?

7. Easy to install. Does it bring any complication when you’re installing it?

8. Dimensions. Does it fit your bathroom area? Does your chosen shape provide an ideal clearance on all sides of the wall?

9. Availability of the replacement parts.

10. Last but not the least is the price. This is always been the most sensible part of your toilet. It doesn’t mean that, a high priced toilet is always the best performer. Or a low priced is a crap.