Best Flushing Toilet

Looking for the best flushing toilet? Look no further, I have reviews of the best flushing toilet out there that may help you to find the most suitable for your specific needs.

I guess no one wants a clogging toilet, right? Aside from its awful smell and the pain it brings is really frustrating. Having the best flushing toilet at home gives you total peace of mind every time you flush.

To achieve this, your choice of toilet should have a top rated flushing performance that removes maximum bulk of waste in just a single flush. It doesn’t need a second flush or a third flush. The toilet should maintain its flushing power at least for more than 10-years of usage.

The best flushing toilet should pass the MaP (Maximum Performance) test that removes 1,000 grams of solid waste in just a single flush. To attain this, most modern toilets features a wider flush valve that permits a large volume of water to flow on the bowl faster. Thus it provides powerful force that drives the solid waste down every time it flushes.

Aside from having the best flushing toilet you may want to consider some factors in choosing the right toilet for you.

Does It Bring Comfort?

Comfort is one factor that you need to be considered. Everyone have to sit on the toilet and level of comfort you experience while sitting in there will decide how long you stay. Definitely, having uncomfortable toilet makes you want to leave soon or the worse of it you never want to use it anymore.

This is true if you’re having knee or mobility problem in which most elderly experienced. Thankfully, most of the best flushing toilet has total comfort features. They increase the height of the bowl so that brings comfort to anyone who sits in there.

The height is equivalent to a chair that removes the pain when you’re sitting and standing on the toilet bowl. These toilet used to comply with the strict guidelines of ADA (American Disabilities Act) with taller height than the standard 15-inch. However, the extra height bowl is not suitable for children.

Round or Elongated bowl?

The bowl size is another deciding factor in choosing the best flushing toilet. Round bowl are smaller and cheaper while it provides more space on your bathroom. On the other hand, round bowl gives you more room while sitting especially for men. An extra 2-inch wide on the bowl dimension brings comfort to many though it requires additional space on your bathroom which is a bit disadvantage with those having limited space.

Does It Save Water?

Vintage toilet uses 3 to 6 GPF (Gallons per Flush) of water. If you’re still using it you’ll be trilled how much water you’re wasting. Modern toilets are using only 1.6 GPF while other high efficient toilet consumes only 1.28GPF. If you decide to upgrade your vintage toilet to a best flushing toilet you’ll be surprised how much you save the next time you pay your water bill.

Here are some of the best flushing toilet listed below however, you can also use the navigation bar on the right to search for more Best Flushing Toilet.

TOTO Drake II Toilet


The all time best selling TOTO Drake II Toilet could be your perfect companion if you’re looking for flushing power and water saving. With its Double Cyclone flushing action feature you can be sure that bulk of waste will goes down in a single flush. With the new TOTO Drake II it consumes only 1.28 Gallon of water per flush so that you can save another 20-percent compare to any standard 1.6GPF toilets.

This two piece toilet is surprisingly quiet despite of its powerful double cyclone action, it doesn’t disturb anyone who’s sleeping and eliminate those annoying sound.

This toilet is well pack when delivered ensuring its safety and prevent any damage. The 16 inch height brings total comfort to anyone who sits in there. Installation is painless even a novice can do, it provides an easy to follow instruction manual.

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Galba Small Toilet

Galba Toilet

The Galba Small Toilet is ideal for tight space bathroom. It will surely captivate anyone who takes steps into your bathroom with its finest European style that will suit your modern luxury home.

The Galba Small Toilet is not only all about looks and style but it poses powerful flushing system. It comes with dual flushing system to further save you water. Its 12-inch rough in is a universal standard that will fit in all types of toilet. This is great if you’re thinking for an upgrade thus replacing your old clogging toilet.

The Galba Small Toilet features a powerful flushing system that removes maximum bulk of waste in just a single flush. It comes with a larger 3-inch wide flush valve as opposed to the traditional 2-inch wide valve. With so much power in it this toilet is surprisingly quiet.

The Galba Small Toilet exceeds the Maximum Performance testing that proves its unparalleled performance. Its fully glazed concealed trapway provides a 2-inch wide that prevents any possible clogging. It is also a WaterSense certified High Efficient Toilet that uses small amount of water for maximum flushing power.

The Galba Small Toilet comes in a dual flushing system. It will save you further water by using the half flush for light waste. For heavy waste it consume 1.6 GPF (Gallon Per flush) while only 0.8 GPF of water for light waste.

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American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet

American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet

The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet is specifically designed for corners to save space on your bathroom. It perfectly fit in the smallest bathroom while leaving more space for your convenience.

The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet is packed with features that make your stay enjoyable with great looks that compliments well in any bathroom decoration.

The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet comes with powerful flushing system that removes maximum bulk of waste. It thoroughly washed the bowl every time you flush that removes the sticky dirt thus leaving the bowl clean all the time.

To prove its excellent flushing performance, the American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet receives the highest MaP possible score that removes 1,000grams of waste in a single flush. The American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 Toilet round bowl features a right height that brings comfort to anyone.

“I needed a toilet for a corner and this one seemed to fit the bill. It looks very nice in the corner and has added more leg space in my very narrow bathroom.”

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American Standard Boulevard RH Toilet

American Standard 2891.128.020 Boulevard RH 1

The American Standard Boulevard RH Toilet is a highly efficient toilet that uses only 1.28 GPF of water. This toilet comes in a sleek and modern design that greatly adds style to your bathroom. It’s not only about style but it also poses top rating flushing performance at minimal water consumption.

The American Standard Boulevard RH Toilet shows great performance as it is proven by customers who use it. The main thing about this toilet is its modern looks that perfectly blend in any bathroom. Its water saving ability doesn’t sacrifice its flushing power. Its advance features brings comfort to anyone while minimizes your cleaning time. If you want a good looking and powerful toilet you can never go wrong with the American Standard Boulevard RH Toilet.

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American Standard H2Option Toilet

American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Elongated ToiletIf you’re looking for a highly efficient dual-flush toilet, the American Standard H2Option Toilet is worthy to consider. It features a Siphonic flush action technology that employs small amount of water while it doesn’t sacrifice its performance.

A dual-flush action toilet gives you the advantage to save water further than conventional single flush, it uses only 1GPF of water in a light flush for liquids and 1.6GPF for heavy solid waste. This is being controlled by a dual-flush actuator on top of the tank for convenient usage.

It receives the highest Maximum Performance rating, it is capable of removing 1,000 grams of solid waste in a single heavy flush and 400 grams of waste for light flush. Surprisingly, with this kind of power and efficiency it’s unbelievably quiet when flushing.

This toilet features a PowerWash Rim. By feeding the water into the rim chamber coming from the tank and trapping the air inside of it creates pressure and release in special configured rim holes thus rubbing the bowl for a complete wash for stain free and leave the bowl clean.

Installing the H2Option is a breeze; it features a user friendly Speed Connect system for quicker setup. This saves you as much as 30 percent of your time, thanks to its factory pre-installed bolts and grommets for easy connections.

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